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Leaving, changing, starting, springing

Despite the date on this summary, I am writing it a month after it should have been written (I have been very busy, mostly with voluntary work for a community group), so I will attempt the briefest summary I have written

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Trojan horses, writing ghosts, and aiming for the Moon

The posts in Week 46 were as varied as ever but with a strong emphasis on healthcare and training, with some ghosts of writing (but no ghost writing), the odd Trojan horse and bovine brain, and some sport thrown in.

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#OTalk Meets #OTDementia

Elaine Hunter writes about the role of occupational therapy can have in helping people with dementia and their carers, and raising awareness amongst therapists of the opportunities to help. #OTalk Meets #OTDementia by Elaine Hunter.

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Looking at things differently, communicating clearly

Apologies for the delay in doing the Week 45 summary (been a bit busier and more tired than I’d anticipated). Thank you very much to those who contributed posts this week. It was great to have a new contributor, John

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AHP : A Hidden Treasure #AHPDementia

Elaine Hunter writes about the Allied Health Professionals who are involved with supporting people with dementia, their families and carers. She provides links to further information and writes about what they are doing in Scotland to promote understanding of what

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A mo, a splash, Houdini – and more

I must admit that I wished for a story that featured a crowd (or accumulating wealth) and one with a mat in it so I could have titled this post “A mo, a mass, a mat” because the start of

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What does work mean to you?

Vicky Widdowson focuses on what a difference occupational therapists make to people being able to remain in or get back to work.  She writes about how Allied Health Professionals help find solutions to practical issues so people can be fit

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Make a splash

Kerry Gilligan gives us an idea of what training was like in the early 1980s, and shares the moment when she understood the difference that occupational therapy makes. She reminds us of the interesting posts by occupational therapists on the Ayrshirehealth blog recently. Make a

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Being an AHP Working with People with Dementia

A wonderfully inspiring post by Lynn Flannigan on the AHPScot Blog about her work as an Allied Health Professional, working with people with dementia. She also shares her own experience of caring for her grandmother, and learning how professionals and

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Reflections from Sydney

Norma Clark has travelled from Fife to the other side of the world to find out how the work she does is done in New South Wales. She starts off in Sydney to get “an overview of the national and

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