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Jings, crivvens and help my blog!

There’s a very interesting debate taking place on the Ayrshire Health Blog on the value of blogging. This week we have Roger Watson who replies to comments made previously that there is little value in blogging. Roger argues that blogging is

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Communicating, Culture, Holidays and #nhsscot14

Listen to the Weekly Summary in Welsh below, or read on for the English! This is the first week I’ve covered Weekly Blog Club in quite some time, and what a week it was! We had 13 great blogs that are well

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Looking Back at Past Karl

Would Samuel Pepys have been a blogger? As modern blogging evolved from the online diary, have you ever thought about posting old diary entries online? Karl Green ponders this very point and looks at what his entries mean to him,

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Highlights, hopes, growing places & 2013 in review

This is the #WeeklyBlogClub Week 52 summary. That means that we’ve been going for two whole years – which is not bad since I thought that the blog would trail off and end by March 2012. We have had over

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Blogging for beginners part 1

A fabulous post this week from Janet Davis offering some very helpful tips and advice for anyone thinking about blogging but not really sure how to go about it, or concerned that they may not have the skills or technical

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Ann’s blog

Graham’s been helping colleagues to share stories about their work on a blog. In this post he’s been helping Ann to share her experience of training to be an Environmental Warden. Ann’s blog by Graham Budd

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Getting to know your Karl

A debut Weekly Blog Club post from Karl. He starts by introducing himself with a few juicy facts such as having a degree in Film & TV, being an Excel expert and watching every Doctor Who episode (he’s up to Tom

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Blogging, walking, leading and bins

Hello, yes it’s me Kate Bentham back for another week as guest curator of Weekly Blog Club. We’re into week 15 of year two and had some wonderful blogs submitted this week, the quality and content of which have been amazing. The

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Happy blog day

I was really surprised to read that Ross Wigham’s blog is only a year old. He’s produced some top blogs in the last 12 months. In this post Ross looks back at some of the most viewed blogs, which if

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Rockets, Areoplanes and Nuka

Hello, yes it’s me Kate Bentham again, just helping out at the Weekly Blog Club controls for week 14 of year 2. Time really is zooming by but it’s great to see so many out of this world blogs being

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