Demons, downloads and daffodils

Hello, it’s me Kate Bentham again this week, starting with a shuffle of the feet and staring at the floor apology for the delay in getting this summary to you. My standards are slipping. I’ll try harder. Am I forgiven?

So, let’s cut to the chase and get on to those blogs, you’ve waited long enough for them after all. There were 12 perfectly formed blogs this week, which turns out to be one of the quietest weeks we’ve had for a while. If ever you are struggling for inspiration then just get in touch on the #weeklyblogclub tag, and someone will tweet you some ideas. If time is your issue, we can’t help there, but if you found a solution then do share.

A couple of blogs posed questions to us this week, one of which was an important one was around mental health. Susan Munro asks Are You Aware?, do we know enough about mental health issues and the impact on a person’s life. Susan questions if enough is done to raise awareness of mental health to the general public and also questions whose role it is to do this. It’s also important to consider what success might look like, how would we know that people are aware. A very interesting blog to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

Rough Cat aka Llana Rockette  blogs this week about being Scottish and the all of the fabulous things associated with being Scottish. In Scots Abroad – Surely Not That Obvious? Rough Cat looks at Scottish stereotypes, such as accents, weather, communities, sun bathing, and lager. 

Mark Wood is often asked Why hang around on mountains then? In his blog this week he not only explains why but also shows us why. As a talented photographer Mark patiently stands for hours on the snowy Welsh hills to capture stunning images of military jets.

Richard Overy regularly shares wonderful photos with us, which may have been lost but are now found again. This week Richard shares a group photo entitled Wilson & Mrs W. Hoskin  which possibly shows generations of neighbouring families. There are lots of interesting faces to look at in this glimpse of the past.

Samuel-James Wilson also looks at the past this week, with a focus on our cultural and architectural heritage. In St.Andrews Church – Starbeck Church – Update Samuel-James updates us on his campaign to protect the integrity and heritage of this local church, sharing some of the recent correspondence he has received from the local council and company carrying out the work, which does not actually address the professional and informed questions he asks. We wish Samuel-James well with this important campaign.

We regularly get health related blogs and this week is no different. We have a real personal blog by Ros Gray called Daffodils in full bloom , which was posted on the Ayrshire Health Blog. In this blog, Ros looks beyond the technical care of patients and focuses on compassionate, person centred care, and ensuring patient safety. Lots of important questions are asked in this blog, but have your tissues at the ready; it might bring a tear to your eye.

Anyone who likes the sporting section of the weekly blog club summary will be pleased to read there are two sports related blogs this week (sort of). First up we haveThe Sporting Wag who argues that it’s Not All Bad For UAE Rugby But Much More Needs To Be Done, after a recent defeat against Japan. The sporting wag, aka Hannah Chia, suggests that the amateur status of the players of the UAE team will continue to struggle against professional players, unless some investment into a league is taken forward.

The other sporting (sort of) related blog is from Kenny McDonald who in Living life the Wigan way  looks at the leadership and management style of Wigan Football club manager Roberto Martinez. Kenny greatly admires the professionalism of Roberto and how he worked to strive to implement his strategy to avoid relegation. We can all learn something about leadership style from this manager, I even learnt a bit about football.

We have a very helpful blog from  Louise Brown called A quick look at targeting your Facebook page posts this is an particularly useful blog for anyone who manages a corporate Facebook page. Louise has produced a step by step guide for anyone who wants to know more about targeting posts.  Graham Budd shares an interesting blog this week called Getting your name “in the paper”. The blog looks at why someone might object to their name appearing digitally but are very comfortable with other elements of their public profile – I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this? Why might digitally differ? if you have any ideas include them on Graham’s blog.

Fragmentation of TV Audiences and Illegal Downloads by Karl Green this week looks at how TV audiences are becoming more and more fragmented as a result of technological developments. Karl also looks at how pay to view channels are causing some audiences to illegally download programmes. A great read.

Finally My personal demons by Karen Hart looks at procrastination and perfectionism, two characteristics she is cursed with. Karen blogs on how they cripple her into inactivity and a feeling that  nothing is never any good. I can certainly see myself in this blog, I often faff about until the deadline, and then sometimes that comes and goes and still I’m not finished. Thank goodness for the invention of Squidgy Deadlines. I’ve certainly needed one this week for this summary. Thankfully I’m not cursed by perfectionism – but you already knew that, you might have read this far to find that out.

If you have enjoyed the blogs this week, be sure to let the blogger know, a simple like, comment or share is really encouraging and motivating. If you have been motivated to write a blog for next week you can find out more about how to on our About page, it really is simple. Or if you have felt motivated to have a go at being a guest curator you can find out how to here, that’s really simple too – and very enjoyable.

I’m back again for the week 21 summary. So until then, take care, eat some cake and keep blogging.


Summary of Week 20 posts

  1. Living life the Wigan way by Kenny McDonald
  2. My personal demons by Karen Hart
  3. St.Andrews Church – Starbeck Church – Update by Samual-James Wilson
  4. Wilson & Mrs W. Hoskin by Richard Overy
  5. Scots Abroad – Surely Not That Obvious? by Rough Cat aka Llana Rockette 
  6. Daffodils in full bloom by Ros Gray
  7. Why hang around on mountains then? by Mark Wood
  8. Are You Aware? by Susan Munro
  9. Fragmentation of TV Audiences and Illegal Downloads by Karl Green
  10. Not All Bad For UAE Rugby But Much More Needs To Be Done. by The Sporting Wag
  11. Getting your name “in the paper” by Graham Budd
  12. A quick look at targeting your Facebook page posts By Louise Brown

Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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