Summertime and the blogging is easy

Hello all,

It’s Louise here, your host for week 31. Week 31 you say? Didn’t Dyfrig just do the summary for week 32? Well, yes, how very observant of you.

I hope having your summary posts out of date order won’t confuse you too much.

Get a cup of tea biscuit, sit back, and enjoy.

We always have a good showing of health blogs and this week has been no different. Penny Halliday has blogged for DG Health in Woman Interrupted. Penny takes us back to 2006 and a moment in her life where the right words really made a difference. We have another guest post, this time John Ross Scott for the Ayrshire Health Blog. NHS Orkney may be small but it still faces the same regulations, targets and challenges as any other health board. Find out why “Orkney is not remote it is at the centre of everything!”. Derek Barron has been sent an infographic on healthcare and social media, he share us with is here on his blog, Healthcare and social media, a shared infographic.

Well done to Susan Munro who has been blogging for one year! In her blog One year on Susan shares what it has meant to her. Keep it up Susan! Kenny McDonald has been talking to fellow Dundee social media lovelies about starting a social media surgery. Hear how they’ve been getting on The Biggest Social Media Village in the World. Good luck!

Karen Hart loves listening to the radio and this week she tells us about when she was lucky enough to attend a recording of Cabin Pressure. An Evening with Mr Finnemore is a lovely read, thanks for sharing Karen.

What the world needs more of are blog posts about Bruce Springsteen. Luckily for us Ena Lloyd has written just that for Good Practice Exchange. In What Public Service Leaders can learn from ‘The Boss’ (aka Bruce Springsteen), Ena gives us some food for thought.

Participation Cymru do wonderful work to “achieve better public engagement in the design, development and delivery of citizen-centred services for the people of Wales”. Sarah has blogged for them this week in Legislation, on how the new Social Services and Well Being (Wales) Bill will impact on older people.

Chris Bolton‘s post always give me lots of food for thought. This week, in Are we programmed to innovate or avoid failure?, Chris shares what he’s learnt about dropping a rock in the social media watering hole.

Louise Atkinson has blogged this week with Practice-led methodologies or How to write an artist statement. Louise focusses her attention on the artist’s book.

At a time when kids are enjoying their summer holidays and picking up their exam results Karl Green remembers Mr Godfrey – Fifty Shades of Green: Part 4 – Memories of a Teacher.

Thanks everyone for submitting posts for week 31 and to everyone who has read and commented. Knowing that others are reading our posts really is incredibly encouraging.

I’m handing back to Janet now for week 33.

Happy blogging!


Summary of week 31 posts

  1. Woman Interrupted by Penny Halliday for DG Health
  2. Healthcare and social media, a shared infographic by Derek Barron
  3. One year on by Susan Munro
  4. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 4 – Memories of a Teacher by Karl Green
  5. The Biggest Social Media Village in the World by Kenny McDonald
  6. Practice-led methodologies or How to write an artist statement by Louise Atkinson
  7. Legislation by Participation Cymru
  8. An Evening with Mr Finnemore by Karen Hart
  9. What Public Service Leaders can learn from ‘The Boss’ (aka Bruce Springsteen) by Ena Lloyd for Good Practice Exchange
  10. Are we programmed to innovate or avoid failure? by Chris Bolton
  11. Small is beautiful … but also vulnerable, challenging and rewarding by John Ross Scott for Ayrshire Health

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One comment on “Summertime and the blogging is easy
  1. Definitely worth the wait!

    – Dyfrig

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