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Guerilla Gardening

For week 27 Karen Hart blogs about her illegal stash of plant pots on the roof of her flat. These plant pots shouldn’t be there, there’s rules about these sorts of things, regardless of whether it would improve the environment

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Five Senses at Stepney City Farm

Karen Hart’s blog post about the latest going on at Stepney City Farm touches on all of our senses – be prepared to make a squeeeee sound as there are videos of baby ducks and baby lambs. Baby lambs I

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Stepney City Farm ‘can change the world’

Libby Brooks, the Guardian ‘s Acting Comment Editor has been volunteering at Stepney City Farm for a month as a sabbatical from her day job. She’s talked to Karen Stepney about why she thinks Stepney City Farm can change the

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Sporting Summer Round Up

Hannah Chia, AKA Sporting Wag, returns after a short break with a week 43 post about the people who were at the centre of the great sporting moments of the the last few months. You do remember Summer don’t you?

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Roti Chai, Marble Arch

Kate aka Katemeout, first time contributor to Weekly Blog Club, reviews Roti Chai, an Indian streetfood-inspired cafe near Marble Arch, London. ROTI CHAI, MARBLE ARCH by Katemeout.

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The End of It All

Irena Souroup and her mother have a moment in the Olympic Stadium and she considers London as London 2012 excitement diminishes. The End of It All by Irena Souroup.

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Our Olympics

Peter McClymont discusses five aspects of the Olympics, and reflects on his personal journey from cynic to evangelist. Our Olympics by Peter McClymont

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London Calling – A Scottish Cop’s Experience of Policing with the Met

Andy Wilson gives a fascinating personal insight in to policing the Olympics, and some of the differences in style and approach between different forces. London Calling – A Scottish Cop’s Experience of Policing with the Met by Andy Wilson

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