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#nurture1213 Highlights

Kate Bentham lists her 12 highlights of 2012 which include time with family and friends, aspects of her work (involves safeguarding children), unconferences, the Olympics, the beach – and Weekly Blog Club (so pleased we were a highlight!). #nurture1213 Highlights

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London 2012 was my family story and yours too

Dan Slee watches the London 2012 opening ceremony again and reflects back on what it meant to him and how it connected with his family history. London 2012 was my family story and yours too by Dan Slee.

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The End of It All

Irena Souroup and her mother have a moment in the Olympic Stadium and she considers London as London 2012 excitement diminishes. The End of It All by Irena Souroup.

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18 wishes post-London 2012

Dan Slee and his family went to London 2012 events. His Week 37 post shines with how the Olympics and Paralympics inspired him, and looks to the future. 18 wishes post-London 2012 by Dan Slee.

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Are we happy or angry? A survey of what 1,393 tweets say about the London Olympics build-up

Dan Slee has found out some surprising things from a survey of tweets mentioning the London 2012 Olympics before they started (and it seems a lot more positive than my tweetstream would have suggested!). Are we happy or angry? A

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