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My year in pictures

Carol Woolley shares some of the highlights and memorable events of her year through pictures, including music, the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee and her family. My year in pictures by Carol Woolley.

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Flotillas, cookies, and big ideas

Advance warning: I may have to mention the ‘D J’ term in this summary. Week 23 of Weekly Blog Club was an unsummery one outdoors, which is all the more reason for having things to read whilst the wind lashes

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Distinctly Vanilla Flotilla

Irena Souroup had been looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee. Did it float her boat? She shares her views of the reality of it in her Week 23 post. Distinctly Vanilla Flotilla by Irena Souroup.

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That looks like it’s been drawn by a child

Another little gem of a post by Kelly Quigley-Hicks to add colour to your day – and show that short posts can be well worth writing and reading. That looks like it’s been drawn by a child by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

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