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Shotgun wedding

After larking about in the countryside dressed in tweed, shooting at clay pigeons, Ross Wigham reflects on a time when some PR campaigns might have taken a scatter gun approach to hitting the target but now, with reduced budgets and

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using a social campaign to back-up a tv show

Ross Wigham has been watching ITV for possibly the first time, all in the line of duty. His job has involved using social media to help promote a television series in which Robson Green wanders around Northumberland and shows how

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Chocolate, Daleks, The Wall, and rituals

We had 11 contributions for Week 41, the week in which this tweet: Another brick in the wall by @RossWigham Wk41 #WeeklyBlogClub — Weekly Blog Club (@WeeklyBlogClub) October 21, 2013 was our 5,000th tweet – thanks to Derek Barron for noticing

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Costume drama

A guest post by Liz Ritson on the Ross Wigham blog this week highlighting the Dressing the Stars exhibition which is currently available to view in Woodhorn, Northumberland. The exhibition shows movie costumes which have appeared in some well known

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Travelling in your own back yard (and getting a social buzz for your event)

Ross Wigham writes about the Our Places, Our People weekend which gives Northumberland residents access some to the county’s best tourist attractions for free or discounted prices. He shares the very interesting breakdown of how many people used which type of

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A town trail, a history lesson & some cheesecake

Rachel Williamson loves cheesecake – she also loves Morpeth in Northumberland, and that is obvious when you read her blog. She writes about the history and the hidden gems down alleyways, all waiting to be discovered. Morpeth sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

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Silver screen

For week 50 Ross Wigham shares a blog from Sue Campbell on how the television and film industry, either the small screen or a Hollywood blockbuster, has had a money can’t buy impact on tourism and the local economy. Being

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iphone shootings

Ross Wigham posts some iphone images, partly inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, taken around Newcastle and Northumberland. The best camera is the one you have with you. iphone shootings by Ross Wigham

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Tech, culture, caring – and a purple cow

The (entirely optional) Week 35 themes were heroes and heroines for a second week, or  the start of the new academic term (how that feels as a student or a parent of a student). Nobody took up either (entirely optional) theme,

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SuperMondays July 2012

The digital community in the North East of England hold various events to help build a sense of community, to share knowledge, to help to support those starting or developing their businesses. This Week 31 is a short account of

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