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Spotting (Part 2)

Peter Olding reveals the characteristics of some plane spotting and spotters (a mysterious world to many of us), and the secret to getting the best price to spare plane parts (this conjured up some great pictures in my mind of

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Hope, History and Guerilla Gardening

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat this week, and phew isn’t hot! I bet it’s that hot it’s even giving Ross Wigham a break from the snow. I’m not complaining mind you,

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Who’s up for a binman’s holiday?

As Local Gov is never off duty, whilst holidaying in France Carolyne Mitchell couldn’t help but notice how the French bin collection system worked. It involved bins being scanned and weighed, with data being collected about each household and captured

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A fortnight of Social Media: The really good, and the wheelie bad

A frank post about a difficult fortnight for a council comms team by Matt Bond. Essential reading for those in comms: what would you do in such circumstances? How do you use social media and your website together with telephones

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