A crown, bowling and camping

Cups and saucers ready for afternoon tea break at ukgc

Week 4 of Weekly Blog Club was another great week: 17 posts (a couple of people wrote more than one). There was quite a dominant theme (although optional) of UK Govcamp 2012 (the above photograph was taken at UK Govcamp 2011 at the same venue). It has become one of the big digitally-focused events on the calendar for public sector and allied people, so it was unsurprising that it people wanted to write about it.

There was rich variety in the other posts this week too.  Phil Jewitt started off the week with analysing the reaction to his previous week’s post, and his own response to that feedback. His second post reflected on how his online identity is evolving and whether he is establishing a work persona or personal identity – an issue that affects most professionals who use social media.

Louise Brown wrote about the people dimension of implementing new databases. Peter McClymont told us something of his career and bowling in Kazakhstan, intriguingly hinting at a wealth of exciting stories that he cannot tell us. Very unfortunately for Carolyne Mitchell, her week had been more ‘exciting’ than she would have liked, but she put the bad experience to good use to highlight service standards in public and private sectors.

Diane Sims wrote beautifully about what happens when things become more uncertain in workplaces, about communicating, and helping an archaeologist in Orkney by talking about open data. Janet Harkin also thought about the issue of internal communications, and how to commuicate effectively, in her post.

Kelly Quigley-Hicks wrote a couple of gem-like short posts, using images that she had come across in her work that day: one relating to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation (it is astonishing how much our customs have changed) and the other to her Diamond Jubilee. Peter Olding shared his thoughts on an element of culture under some threat of disappearing these days, local radio. Peter has re-discovered its delights because he can now listen to any local radio, even in different regions, via the Internet.

My own post bridges any gap between the UK Govcamp 2012 posts and the non-UK Govcamp 2012 posts since it starts with thinking about it, but goes on to consider architecture and the size of buildings.

It is fascinating to read all of the UK Govcamp 2012 posts (the hashtag #ukgc12 was used on Twitter and Flickr). Many went for the Slee List approach (as in GLASTO FOR GEEKS: Bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012 by Dan Slee). Sarah Lay was able to offer the perspective of having attended previously, and to consider the benefits of disruption. Two first-timers – Kate Bentham and Kelly Quigley-Hicks were able to give their views on coming into this event fresh (it seems to have provided both with some inspiration. Mark Braggins provided useful notes from the sessions that he attended at his second UKGC. Justin Griggs wrote his impressions of the unconference – and of wanting to organise a Govcamp for town and parish councils, inviting others to help make that happen.

If you do not feel you have time to write a post for Weekly Blog Club (you can join in at any time), consider the option that Kelly Quigley-Hicks illustrated so well this week of a post comprising simply a picture and a couple of sentences about it. Or, you could possibly share some links that could be useful. If you feel that even that is beyond you, perhaps you could give the authors some positive feedback in comments boxes or clicking ‘Like’ boxes on their posts. You could follow the example of Sarah Lay and provide some useful or interesting links.

Week 5 has already started, but if anyone has any suggestions for the optional theme for the week, do shout up or, more effectively, put your suggestion to @weeklyblogclub or as a comment on this page. If you want to continue writing #ukgc12 posts, we will happily accept them, but other topics are also good.

If anyone else wants to join in the collating and broadcasting as an administrator/editor/author of this Weekly Blog Club blog, do say. It is intended to be a shared blog.


Janet E Davis

Summary of Week 4 posts not about UKGovcamp 2012

A place for everything  by Phil Jewitt

My view and not those of my employer……….really? by Phil Jewitt.

You can’t have the perfect database without the people by Louise Brown.

Size matters by Janet E Davis.

Bowling in Kazakhstan by Peter McClymont.

Trying to #fail better by Carolyne Mitchell

Milestones and Standing Stones (and standing still) by Diane Sims.

Internal communications: the difference between information and insight by Janet Harkin.

The cigarette race by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

Rhod Gilbert and Becky Betts by Peter Olding.

That looks like it’s been drawn by a child by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

Summary of Week 4 posts on the UK Govcamp 2012 theme

The mind-bending brilliance of UKGovCamp12 by Sarah Lay.

GLASTO FOR GEEKS: Bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012 by Dan Slee.

My First UK Gov Camp by Kate Bentham.

Camping without the tents: UK GovCamp 2012 by Mark Braggins.

Reflections on #UKgc12 by Justin Griggs.

ukgovcamp2012 – my top twenty by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.


Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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