Just another day!

I really enjoyed reading this blog from Heather Currie on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog. Heather reflects on some of her own patient experiences, recalling specific details about the care she received, the way she was spoken to by staff and the way she felt as a result. For the staff involved this may have been just another patient and just another day at work. Heather introduces us to a checklist for clinical leaders, with the aim to create a culture of providing the best patient care. This checklist is known as VOICES and includes Visible, Open, Improvement Idea, Care and Compassion, Ensure focus on patient Experience, Encourage and Enable, and also Safe Culture – a checklist which can be considered by all leaders.

Just another day!

by Heather Currie on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog

The Wales Audit Office and Co-production

A very interesting post this week from Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office looking at co-production within Welsh government. The theme of co-production is inextricably linked to performance and finance – targeting resources where they can be used most effectively. The post also considers what the vision for local government in Wales should look like, and the team has been working with councils to co-produce solutions, as well as organising seminars on re-shaping services with the public.

The Wales Audit Office and Co-production by Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office

Found poetry, procrastination and top tweeting

A great post this week from Karen Hart who continues with her quest to perfect procrastination. Instead of editing her work in progress Karen instead spends time constructing poetry by adding punctuation and spacing to found text, which we cant wait to see the results of. Karen has also won at Twitter during a Twitter chat on Middle Grade Literature.

Found poetry, procrastination and top tweeting by Karen Hart

There is no I in Community

A very interesting post this week from Peter Olding as he updates us about a project he’s been working on which highlights historic and ancient churches of Great Britain. Peter has realised that building a website is not enough for this project to succeed, he also needs to build a community with an interest in this project who can contribute, with ease, and document sightings.

There is no I in Community by Peter Olding

Jings, crivvens and help my blog!

There’s a very interesting debate taking place on the Ayrshire Health Blog on the value of blogging. This week we have Roger Watson who replies to comments made previously that there is little value in blogging. Roger argues that blogging is a new form of scholarship. He explains why he started blogging and the number of views his various blog sites have had. Roger argues that if you’re an alien, and a little unsure what to do, why not just give it a go.

Jings, crivvens and help my blog! by Roger Watson on the Ayrshire Health Blog

Cake, Glorious Cake

Kelly Quigley-Hicks attended Comms Camp 14 recently and like many attendees helped raise lots of lovely money for charity by baking and eating cake. In this post Kelly shares with us a storify of some of the amazing cakes baked, some of the cake related tweets and why cake helps to bring people together at Comms Camp 14.

Cake, Glorious Cake  by Kelly Quigley-Hicks

Urban walk June 2014

I really enjoy the Urban Walk posts from Janet Davis. Not only does Janet share with us some of the wonderful images she has captured but she also encourages us all to look at everyday sights differently, and to discover the interesting and beautiful items around us.

Urban walk June 2014 by Janet Davis