Blue stars, seagull-proofing, waste and change

I’m very grateful to Kate Bentham for looking after Weekly Blog Club for Week 5. She clearly did a brilliant job since the number of posts has tripled this week (even though I didn’t get round to doing one myself)!

This week’s posts have been a glorious mix of subjects from the practical issue of continence relating to people with dementia and their carers, to improving streets by defeating the gulls’ habit of tearing bin bags open and spilling rubbish.

The news about the change to Newcastle Brown’s recipe was all over the national media recently and Ross Wigham happened to be at the site of where the brewery was, considering the change in big media in this social media world. I admit that I’ve never been a beer fan and the smell from the brewery used to make me feel sick as it wafted over the city, but I’m still lost in that area of city now the brewery building has been replaced.

Find out what a great difference an unconference and similar events can make in a welcome return-to-blogging post from Diane Sims (whose prose is always lovely). Go through the wormhole with Trevor Lakey and get a glimpse of the global uses of digital technology in health care.

If you work for a large organisation, you might find it worth thinking about your collective responsibility for waste since many of the points made in Ross McGarva’s post are applicable to any or most sectors, not just in the NHS.

I will return again to think about Louise Atkinson’s post about artists, what they know, don’t know, and think. Maybe I will finally write another personal post about what I think as an artist and art historian, but I get told I do too much thinking so maybe I need to get on with making.

We all probably recognise the procrastinators in the cartoon in Kate’s post. I have been and am most of them. I must stop procrastinating and do more.

Well done on tripling the number of posts submitted. Now, are you going to keep that up for Kate as she takes over for Week 7? I look forward to reading the summary she writes next week and reading lots of different posts that you’ve contributed! If any of you would like to look after Weekly Blog Club for a week, just let us know.


Janet E Davis

Summary of week 6 posts

Not dead, just different: big media in a social media world by Ross Wigham.

Small things can make a big difference: Tenby’s Seagull Proof Bags by Tracy Wornham on the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office blog.

My #notwestminster journey by Diane Sims.

Week 91: 9th – 15th June What is artistic knowledge? by Louise Atkinson.

Care about Continence Not just seeing the person… listening to them too! by Heather Edwards on the Let’s talk about dementia blog.

Blog on by Kate Bentham.

Do You Know the Code? by Derek Barron and Chris Rodden on the TaysideHealth blog.

CRES and Our Collective Responsibility for Waste by Ross McGarva on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Through the wormhole – public health journeys in cyberspace by Trevor Lakey on the Ayrshirehealth blog.



Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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