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Hampshire publishes Aerial Photography as open data (finally!)

Mark Braggins updates us on some exciting developments on the Hampshire Hub blog. After spending the summer of 2013 working with Blom Aerofilm capturing aerial photography of Hampshire, the high resolution imagery and data is now available as open data. The

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Learn, Earn, Yearn

Hello it’s me, Kate Bentham, guest curator of weekly blog club for week four of its second year. It seems you’ve all got the blogging bug in 2013, as we’ve had another bumper crop of blogs posted this week, an impressive

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Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013

Sasha Taylor is one of the organisers for Blue Light Camp 2013 and updates us on the planning, meetings and work which has been taking place recently in preparation for this exciting unconference and hackathon. Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013 by Sasha

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Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold

An exciting blog by Mark Braggins with news and an update on Blue Light Camp, the unconference event for emergency services. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to organise this event and I am sure all of

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