Blue ticks, refuseniks and Usain Bolt’s knicks

Yet again, Weekly Blog Clubbers submitted a bumper crop of posts for week 28, there were 14 in total and four (not three as I originally advertised) from new blog club members, which is great. It’s always a pleasure to hear a new voice.

Two new members Emma Rodgers and Stuart Mackintosh blogged about social media in local government. Emma has decided that times are changing for comms officers and they now need to embrace social media in their profession, making it a routine part of their daily work. hello world! a comms officer makes a digital promise is a great read for anyone thinking the same. Stuart shared how his comms team prepared for the arrival of the Olympic Torch: a flaming great challenge  in Redcar and Cleveland and how a comms plan which featured social media alongside traditional comms paid off and resulted in some great online engagement with the community.

Another first time blogger for the club was Anke Holst who wrote about her experience of undergoing a spinal adjustment. We can’t help it sounds a bit painful but in First: A Little Adjustment Anke explains the benefits it gave her.

The final first time blogger for us was Jennifer D Begg who shared Made In Brunel Podcast Interview: Emily Riggs this post shows that a blog doesn’t have to be in the written form and that is something other bloggers might want to consider experimenting with in the future. The podcast highlights a product which has been developed to help protect breastfeeding children from the transmission of HIV.

Regular weekly blog clubbers Janet E Davis and Kate Bentham wrote about places which mean something to them. In Changing places Janet writes about her relationship with Ouseburn in Newcastle upton Tyne and the volunteer work she is involved in with the future development of the area. Kate writes about holidaying in the Carnedds in North Wales, staying in a historic slate miners cottage and taking time out in Quarrymen’s Cottage

In preparation for this years #localgovcamp  Dan Slee looked back on the very first lovalgovcamp in 2009 and writes HELLO CAMPERS: Three years on from the first localgovcamp… so whats changed? It’s good to be able to reflect on changes and to also consider future expectations of an event. We hope Dan and other attending this years camp will blog and share their experience. It’s useful to read blogs from different people from the same event.

Mark Braggins follows up his earlier work on the use of social media locally by focusing on Facebook usage: a local perspective Mark’s blog includes some really interesting facts, stats and charts. By contrast Lesley Thomson writes about the non-believers in her organisation in Losing patience with the refuseniks. How do we manage those that simply opt out of using social media and don’t see it as something being on their radar in the work place?

Carolyne Mitchell blogs about her involvement in getting all Scottish Category 1 Responders the blue tick of validation on their twitter accounts and why it’s important for the public to have a trusted, reliable and up to date source of information.  Ticked off also includes a link for any English Cat 1 responders who may also want the magic twitter blue tick.

In The Big Step to a new business Janet Harkin writes about a workshop she attended for anyone interested in setting up their own business. The workshops offered information, advice and regular challenge in taking exciting plans forward to the next stage.

Regular commuter Peter Olding writes about what matters to him when travelling by train. Is it the train companies punctuality or a fair fare? He also shares an experience when the failure of train company’s planning for floods, left commuter stranded and questions why they aren’t prepared in South West Trains and a blocked line.

We don’t often get blogs about scantily clad men (or women) or boxer shorts but Irena Souroup discusses the attire of Olympic athletes and in particular women athletes appearing in men’s magazines, questioning if there are becoming less known for their athlete ability and more for their body. Usain Bolts Boxer Shorts-Wallah begins an interesting debate on this.

In times when we are all being asked to do more for less it’s vital to look at how we can become more productive, getting the most from the time we have available, thankfully Louise Brown has some answers for us – we all need to become ninjas. In Reviewing ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ Louise discusses the CORD model which is a useful place to start.

I think that’s all of the posts for this week but if I’ve missed yours then just let me know and I’ll add it in. Thanks to everyone for contributing posts for week 28, and to everyone for reading, commenting and sharing. If you want to start contributing posts, our About page tells you what you need to know. The [entirely optional] theme for week 29 is Family and what this means to you.

While I get the chance, I also wanted to say a massive thank you to Janet E Davis for the time and work she has put into Weekly Blog Club for the last 28 weeks. Helping out this week has given me an insight into the time it takes. Thank you Janet for all you do, you are truly inspirational.


Kate Bentham

Summary of Week 28 posts

  1. First: A Little Adjustment by Anke Holst
  2. Reviewing ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ by Louise Brown
  3. Olympic Torch: a flaming great challenge by Stuart Mackintosh.
  4. HELLO CAMPERS: Three years on from the first localgovcamp… so whats changed? by Dan Slee.
  5. hello world! a comms officer makes a digital promise by Emma Rodgers on the comms2point0 blog.
  6. Made In Brunel Podcast Interview: Emily Riggs by Jennifer D Begg.
  7. Changing places by Janet E Davis
  8. Facebook usage: a local perspective by Mark Braggins.
  9. Losing patience with the refuseniks by Lesley Thomson.
  10. Usain Bolts Boxer Shorts-Wallah by Irena Souroup.
  11. Quarrymen’s Cottage by Kate Bentham
  12. South West Trains and a blocked line by Peter Olding 
  13. The Big Step to a new business by Janet Harkin
  14. Ticked off by Carolyne Mitchell


Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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