Pub, grub and local gov

There were 13 brilliant posts submitted for week 39, and a big warm welcome to 4 new members. It’s great to have contributions from new members alongside those who have been submitting on a regular basis. I also like the fact there were blogs from 4 Shropshire folk. A big thank you to everyone this week.

This week was the deadline for Kate Bentham’s Weekly Blog Club Photomarathon Challenge (although squidgy deadlines are also available for this). Some bloggers have been taking part since the challenge was set but we had more contributions this week, which is great. First up, Carol Woolley submitted her third blog as part of the challenge. This particular blog focused on how through research and social media Carol has been able to trace her family tree, making an exciting discovery in America Photochallenge #3 – A journey across the pond… .

Mark Braggins also took up the Photomarathon Challenge and focussed on the ‘A sense of the place where you live’ category. Mark shares some wonderful photos of his neighbours which includes foxes, deer, squirrels and birds in his blog Photomarathon: A sense of the place I live.

Finally taking up the Photomarathon challenge was Kate Bentham, who realised that the challenge she set was actually quite difficult – so apologies for that! Kate tackled four of the 10 categories, offering photos for the Family, Communities, Environment and a Sense of the place you live categories in A photomarathon challenge part 1.

The photos submitted as part of the challenge will appear on the header of the Weekly Blog Club site – if you have still want to submit photos as part of the challenge you can still share them in a blog or you can simply email your photos to

Janet Davis also shared some wonderful photos in A wet urban walk . We felt that we were walking alongside Janet while we were reading this blog, sharing in the interesting sites she saw along the way.

Continuing the photography theme was Matt Murray who submitted a review of a book he found particularly useful on how to take good quality photos on a iPhone. In iPhone Photography Matt shares his highlights of a book by Misho Baranovic which offers tips and tricks for anyone interested in learning more about taking photos with an iPhone.

Daniel Franey also offers some useful tips and suggestions on formatting Kindles for anyone interested in publishing Ebooks. Daniel has been working on developing ebooks for the local gov service he works for, sharing some of his discovers and frustrations in How to Format For Kindle.

An interesting question was posed this week by Jon King in what is means to work in a local authority. Jon highlights how social media, and in particular blogging, is enabling frontline services to share the stories of their services users and to be a go to place for information on a particular local gov service, Being a real authority is a great read for any other local gov frontline services considering blogging – personally, we can highly recommend it.

Phil Jewitt has spent week 39 of Weekly Blog Club down the pub – he says it’s all in the name of Joining up. Phil has been working with colleagues from the Health Service to join up local gov and other public sector organisations, to challenge boundaries and work together for the benefit of the end user, and in particular highlighting the benefits of social media.

Also thinking of the end user is Carolyne Mitchell who has been Cooking up a storm in her blog about Casserole Club. This FutureGov project aims to share home cooked food with people in our local community. Carolyne asks how local government, health services and charitable organisations can work together to identify potential diners who may benefit from this wonderful project.

Sasha Taylor also blogs about a FutureGov project in Simpl Challenges which also helps to reach local community groups, business and entrepreneurs who have ideas and suggestions to tackling challenges. The Simpl Challenges Platform is being used as part of CityCamp Coventry to support the question How can we use digital technology to help make Coventry an even better place to live?

The synchronicity of Integrated Care Pathways is discussed by Corinne Watt on the Ayrshire Health Blog, and how since it was introduced in Mental Health Services clinicians have been Marching to the Beat of the same Drum. Corinne shares the positive impact it has had on working practices, which in turn will be better for patient care.

The final two posts for this week offer us the chance to reflect on the person we are and the pressures we may put on ourselves to be something which is unachievable. Ben Whitehouse writes about the influences in his life and how some of those early influences shaped the wonderful person he is today. A guide to recognising my influences is not only a good ready – but also the theme for week 40. What have been the influences (positive, negative, personal, professional) in your life?

In Alright on the Minimal List Blog, Naomi talks about how searching for perfection in life can sometimes get in the way of life, and leave us with a feeling of anticipation, rather than fulfilment, and therefore a sense of disappointment if we don’t achieve. As a ‘good enough’ person, it’s reassuring to read that it’s alright not to be perfect.

It’s amazing that we have now entered week 40. There have been some wonderful, informative and insightful blogs over the last 40 weeks, but remember Weekly Blog Club isn’t just about submitting posts, there are other ways in which you can be involved. Sharing and commenting on blogs is also a very important way to contribute, so if there are any blogs here you like why not let the author know, and then share with your networks. You can also be a guest host of Weekly Blog Club for a week, and can sign up here It’s also important to remember that a blog doesn’t have to be a written blog, you can submit an audio blog, or like this week, some photos with a few words about them. There’s lots of ways to be involved.

We wouldn’t have reached week 40 it it wasn’t for you all being involved, but a special thanks to Janet Davis for the work she puts into the club. Thank you Janet for all you do. Unfortunately Janet’s Mac looks like it’s on it’s last leg, so it me again next week, if that’s OK with you all?


Kate Bentham

Sorry about the randomness of the font size, if I knew what I was doing I’be able to change it, but I don’t, so I can’t :0)

Summary of Week 39 posts

  1. Marching to the Beat of the same Drum by Corinne Watt
  2. Alright by Naomi on The Minimal List
  3. A photomarathon challenge part 1 by Kate Bentham
  4. Photomarathon: A sense of the place I live by Mark Braggins
  5. A wet urban walk by Janet Davis
  6. iPhone Photography by Matt Murray
  7. Simpl Challenges by Sasha Taylor
  8. Being a real authority by Jon King
  9. Cooking up a storm by Carolyne Mitchell 
  10. Joining up by Phil Jewitt
  11. Photochallenge #3 – A journey across the pond… by Carol Woolley
  12. A guide to recognising my influences by Ben Whitehouse 
  13. How to Format For Kindle  by Daniel Franey


Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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