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Come to the edge

Hopefully the start of a productive conversation as the Assistant Chief Constable Local Policing for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, takes to the blogosphere. Good luck Gareth from all at #weeklyblogclub. Come to the edge by ACC Gareth Morgan via @sashataylor Advertisements

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London Calling – A Scottish Cop’s Experience of Policing with the Met

Andy Wilson gives a fascinating personal insight in to policing the Olympics, and some of the differences in style and approach between different forces. London Calling – A Scottish Cop’s Experience of Policing with the Met by Andy Wilson

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Use of Force – Decision Making

Andy Wilson’s contribution to Week 31 of Weekly Blog Club expands on a topic he covered in a previous post (Use of Force). Use of Force – Decision Making by Andy Wilson aka Police Geek..

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BlueLightCamp: Weekend Camping Pt1

Mark Braggins is back for Week 18 with the first part of his promised coverage of the very interesting BlueLightCamp. He includes a really useful collection of links to other accounts, recordings and collations – and (for those that like

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Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on the list…

In Week 13 of Weekly Blog Club, Diane Sims has reported on the very latest trouble at t’Mill as well as continuing her fascinating story of saving this important local heritage. Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on

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Trying to #fail better

Carolyne Mitchell writes about how a dramatic experience led to very different experiences of how public services and private sector treat people. Trying to #fail better by Carolyne Mitchell.

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