Caring about carers, communicating & November customs

A quiet week for posts – but that means you have time to read a greater percentage of them!

Samuel-James was still enjoying life in Australia in this week’s post – Brisbane to Melbourne and a little Grand Designs – but keen to get a job. He moved to a different city, got chatting to someone at a show and, hopefully, starts work on Monday. Let’s hope it’s the start of regular work for him.

Chris Bolton wrote about not needing fancy tools to start doing something in Continuous Improvement. The tools ‘you’ve got’ and the right mindset beats ‘All the Gear and No Idea’. I certainly agree on the versatility of spreadsheets, but not sure I agree on the cameras. I do miss my DSLR, and the camera in my iPhone (an old one so only 3Mp, and has a disturbing pink/green colour bias) isn’t able to do the same things as my DSLR with telephoto lens. But Chris is right about the spreadsheets being more effective in many situations than waiting for a custom-built or specialist piece of software that hardly anyone understands.

November is Movember for many these days, raising awareness of men’s health, but did you know that November is also NaNoWriMo month? If you have a novel that you have never got round to writing, it’s the month to do it. Karl Green will be taking part and explains in A NaNoWriMo Carol that it’s not his first time. I’ve been thinking of writing a novel since I was in my teens. Years and years later, I still haven’t but do like listening to certain types of stories at night or when I’m ill. I frequently run out of the right sort of stories so was looking for more Free audiobooks this week which I share with everyone. I was getting frustrated over the past couple of nights with the Sherlock Holmes links I found on Project Gutenberg leading to stories that are read beautifully but the files end before the end of the stories!

Roberta Simpson, a first-time contributor, was very positive in her post Don’t Worry It’ll be Easy on the Ayrshirehealth blog, about changes happening to the occupational therapy services in Ayrshire. So often, change causes people to be territorial or protective over their own bits of knowledge or methods, and it was a pleasure to read about people being positive and cooperative.

Well done to Susan Munro whose poster at a conference won joint first prize! She wrote about what she’s been doing this month in What Counts? – including raising the profile of Speech and Language Therapy in mental health settings – and considered the person-centred outcomes of her work.

Lindsay Sim and Sharron McGonigle on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog wrote about the very important subject of carers in WHO CARES……. . I am so glad to see that there are people there to support the carers. There really isn’t enough help, and full-time carers are paid so little that it is also a struggle financially. This is something that affects or will affect most of us, or people close to us, at some stage in life.

You may not have time to write a novel in November, but maybe you can find time to write a quick blog? It’s Week 44, the [entirely optional] theme is fireworks (of the literal and metaphorical types). Thank you very much to everyone who contributed this week. If you want to contribute to Week 44, our About page tells you everything you probably need to know. If you would like to help look after Weekly Blog Club, there’s the Admin info page to tell you about what’s involved.

Thank you very much to those who contributed responses to the question of what happens to this blog on the ‘Say hello, hug, say goodbye?’ summary post last week. More thoughts on this are welcome.


Janet E Davis

Summary of Week 43 posts

A NaNoWriMo Carol by Karl S Green.

Continuous Improvement. The tools ‘you’ve got’ and the right mindset beats ‘All the Gear and No Idea’ by Chris Bolton.

Brisbane to Melbourne and a little Grand Designs by Samuel-James Wilson.

Don’t Worry It’ll be Easy by Roberta Simpson on the Ayrshirehealth blog.

What Counts? by Susan D Munro.

WHO CARES…….  by Lindsay Sim and Sharron McGonigle on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Free audiobooks by Janet E Davis on her Suburbis blog.


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