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POST RELEASE: Life After the Press Release Dies

Dan Slee has been doing his best to tell us all that the press release must (or will) die in future comms and PR. In this blogs he shares how he has the backing of some big hitters – as

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POST RELEASE: What are you doing writing just press releases in 2013?

Dan Slee has blogged before on the subject of press releases, their role in comms, and the alternatives. In this latest post he shares with us a table by Fred Godlash which sets out the reasons for writing a press

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TELFORD LIFE: How a town is using digital to connect

Dan Slee shares some cracking examples of how communities in Telford are using digital technology to communicate and connect. Lots of learning in this blog which others might consider for their communities. LIFE: How a town is using digital to connect by Dan Slee

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SHARE: User generated content? Ask nicely…

This week Dan Slee writes about how journalists, and others, need to develop positive relationships with bloggers. That bloggers should be respected, and not seen as the enemy. It’s important to remember our manners and ask before sharing content. SHARE:

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘My #Hyperwm Blog Newspaper Hell’ blog

Dan Slee writes about how he and colleagues produced a newspaper – yes, an actual hard copy newspaper – for Hyper West Midlands event. He shares his discoveries and experiences of print media, which includes editing, deadlines and swearing. Read

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OFF SPIN: Why Malcolm Tucker must die

For week 44 Dan Slee blogs about the damage Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It can cause to the reputation of government comms professionals and how for the public, it can warp the perception of the role. For this

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Support for the Social Media Lone Ranger

This week Kate Bentham blogs about how more and more frontline services are using social media – but asks what support, development, training does an organisation offer a lone ranger. Share examples of what your organisations offers in the comments.

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