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The answer to life, the universe and everything?

Week 42 of Weekly Blog Club may not provide you with the total answer to life, the universe and everything – but it gives you answers to questions that you had not thought of asking, and asks even more questions.

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Why the UK housing market is so broken

First time Weekly Blog Club contributor Kim Spence-Jones considers the high cost of housing in the UK and the lack of innovation, and has a suggestion on how things could change. Why the UK housing market is so broken –

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Looking back (and forward) at the Lightmoor Summit

Ben Whitehouse blogs about his idea for a Lightmoor Summit which recently took place in his community. The summit was held to encourage greater participation in the future planning of the village and discuss how best to spend budgets. The

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Pearls, BlueLight, grapevines… and cake, filthy cake!

If only someone had written about swine, we might have had the title ‘Pearls, swine, casting…’ this week, but in Weekly Blog Club we do not determine subjects to ensure we have whimsical titles for the weekly summary. No, siree!

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Harry Hazard

Benjamin Welby has contributed an all-singing, all-dancing blog post to Week 22 of Weekly Blog Club. Well, it contains videos with animated character, music and speech. These videos are about the rights and responsibilities of tenants, especially aimed at those

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On not giving up (for Lent)

Another very interesting post from Diane Sims for Week 8 of Weekly Blog Club. This one is about a timebank, allotments, growing food, connecting people, a drawer full of seed packets, growing a community. On not giving up (for Lent)

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Doughnuts, hammers and MiGs

The Week 7 posts for Weekly Blog Club provided useful advice, shared wisdom (gained rather painfully at times) and experience, and asked lots of questions. There were 16 posts this week. The blogging week started off with Phil Jewitt telling us

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