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Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club seat for a second week on the trot. How’s your week been then? Have you been enjoying the sun? Had any ice cream? I have, natch. We’ve had 12 blogs submitted this week, which is fabulous, so a big thanks to those of you who have blogged. Grab yourself an ice cream as a reward.  

With the promise of a summer break just around the corner Chris Bolton’s blog couldn’t have come at a better time for many people preparing for leave (me, me, me!). Chris talks about the email hand grenade we may send, and then run to the hills (Welsh of course) so we avoid the fall out. Be warned, you might get an email hand grenade back one day. Six email Hand Grenades to avoid before the holidays. is a great read on email etiquette.

On the Ayrshire Health Blog this week we have Kerry Gilligan, an Occupational Therapist, discussing Integration. Kerry suggests that whilst the partnerships are important, self-integration is key and one which delivers Occupational Balance. In Dancing with myself…integration – my personal journey (so far!), Kerry reflects on her own occupation imbalance and the steps she took to get this back on track. A very thought provoking blog on looking after ourselves and not suffering from work stress or burn out.  

A past time which is thought to be very therapeutic is singing, and this week we have an inspiring guest blog this week from Rob Graham. Rob is husband to Kathryn Graham who is waiting for a new heart and lungs, and who blogs to raise awareness of organ donation. Rob tells us of the first public performance of the newly formed DonateLife Transplant Choir which is made up by various members of the transplant community, those who had received transplants, those who are waiting, and also donor families. The choir not only brings the community together but also raises awareness of DonateLife and the issues many of the community have faced.

Karl Green got all philosophical on us this week exploring whether one should believe in God or not. Karl looks at Pascal’s Wager also at the Atheist’s Wager and the 4 choices each theory offers. Karl looks at his own beliefs and considers the value of living life with good intention, regardless.

Artist Janet Davis has been Thinking out loud and has been looking for some inspiration for her own work and future direction, in particular around the idea of books and multiples, and the opportunity of pulling together some of her images she has of Ouseburn. Janet recently presented some of her work in progress at an event organised by the Ouseburn Futures Arts and Creative Industries Group, which I am sure would have been really well received. Janet is also looking for some suggestions on what do to with a collection of sketches from life drawing sessions, if you have any ideas. Another photographer who has also blogged this week is Mark Wood who has been Back on duty with an interesting assignment of photographing photos and recreating them digitally. The subjects were Mayors from over 120 years. The project presented some challenges and Mark explains how he overcame these in his digital darkroom using his digital tools.

In 4 weeks time Graham Budd by sets off on a new adventure, with a one way ticket to South Korea. This week he considers some of the things he’s leaving behind and will miss. As well as the cats, there is also the social media accounts and websites Graham has introduced and developed. Thankfully through technology he will still be able to keep an eye on both. Things I’ll miss: Cats and social media 

Talking of social media, we’re delighted to hear that Dundee is getting it’s very own social media surgery. In A Social City of Culture, Kenny McDonald blogs about how this came about, why it’s important to the city, and how people can become involved.

We’re lucky to have 2 blogs from Ross Wigham this week. The first is Six ‘award winning’ tips  for anyone considering entering a piece of work or campaign for an award. Ross talks from experience having won awards himself, and who is now also involved in judging entries. Ross’s second blog is a really useful blog for anyone looking to break into a career in PR. Ross has asked some influential comms people what they consider to be key skills and attributes needed to stand out from the crowd and get hired. Ross’s three words are Creative.Digital.Likeable Some wise words of wisdom in this blog. 

This week Peter Olding blogs about Andy Murray winning the men’s Wimbledon Tennis Championships, and the subsequent call from the Prime Minister for Andy to receive a knighthood for his achievements. Peter discusses the debate which followed this suggestion and questions if people were protesting against the proposal or the person suggesting it. In Well Done Andy Peter also sensitively looks at Andy’s childhood and the impact it would have had on him.

Our last blog this week looks at Menopause in the workplace by Heather Currie on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog. With such a significant proportion of the workforce being women, and being over the age of 50, many are experiencing the hormonal changes of the perimenopause and of the menopause. Heather blogs about the effects of this in the workplace, and suggests more information and support is needed for women affected.

So, that’s your lot. Thank you to all of you who have submitted, shared and commented on the blogs we’ve had this week. If you want to have a go a writing a blog for week 28 then you can find out how on our About page.

If you want to have a go at being the Weekly Blog Club host and curator for a week, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you, there’s an easy step by step guide on how to on our Admin info page. Go on, what have you got to lose?

I hand you back to lovely Janet Davis for week 29, I’m off on my jolly holidays with an aim of chilling, relaxing and writing some blogs.  

Until next time, take care and keep blogging.


Kate Bentham

Summary of Week 28 posts

  1. A Social City of Culture by Kenny McDonald
  2. Thinking out loud by Janet Davis
  3. Menopause in the workplace by Heather Currie on the Dumfries and Galloway Health
  4. Creative.Digital.Likeable by Ross Wigham
  5. Six ‘award winning’ tips by Ross Wigham
  6. DonateLife Transplant Choir. by Rob Graham on the Kathryn Graham
  7. Dancing with myself…integration – my personal journey (so far!)  by Kerry Gilligan on the Ayrshire Health
  8. Things I’ll miss: Cats and social media by Graham Budd
  9. Six email Hand Grenades to avoid before the holidays. by Chris Bolton
  10. Pascal’s Wager. by Karl Green
  11. Back on duty by Mark Wood
  12. Well Done Andy. by Peter Olding


Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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