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Shotgun wedding

After larking about in the countryside dressed in tweed, shooting at clay pigeons, Ross Wigham reflects on a time when some PR campaigns might have taken a scatter gun approach to hitting the target but now, with reduced budgets and

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Marketing – a game for everyone to play

This week Vindicat blog about how just beacuse there may be a software package for anything and everything these days, including marketing now it seems, it doesn’t make everyone suddenly skilled in all aspects of business. Marketing – a game

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“It was 20 years ago today…” How marketing has changed

A fascinating look by Janet Harkin at some key things that have changed and stayed the same in marketing over the last 20 years. How many of her points hold true for your profession or sector? “It was 20 years

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A to Z of marketing tactics

Janet Harkin contributes a really useful post for Week 29 an A to Z list about marketing. Many readers are likely to find some very useful tips amongst them. A to Z of marketing tactics by Janet Harkin.

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Three essential marketing questions to ask

Janet Harkin’s Week 26 contribution of #WeeklyBlogClub provides useful advice on how to plan your marketing campaigns. She reduces core strategy to just 3 questions. Three essential marketing questions to ask by Janet Harkin.

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