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Instagram v Facebook – a socmed off for marketers

Janet shares a couple of infogram/graphics that she found recently that compares the two socmed platforms. Instagram v Facebook – a socmed off for marketers by Janet Harkin

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Why I love – and hate – Instagram

Matt Murray considers the swings and roundabout of using Instagram for his Week 25 contribution to Weekly Blog Club, and illustrates it with some lovely seaside and fairground pictures. Why I love – and hate – Instagram by Matt Murray.

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Instagram – the rise of a mobile giant

Matt Murray had forecast the rise of Instagram users back in January and now, in Week 16 of the year, he is revising his forecast upwards. He also explains how it works and why it is so popular. Instagram –

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Mobile photography – why your smartphone is the best camera

Matt Murray has recalled the old square snaps of his early childhood in his Week 9 post, and encourages people to use their smartphone’s camera. He includes some great examples of how such photographs are increasingly used by mainstream media

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