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Images, explanations and change

So, did I [Phil Jewitt] have fun hosting weekly blog club this week? Just a bit, could you tell? Not bad for a bloke on his death bed eh? and who said blokes can’t multi-task or do anything when they are ill?

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iphone shootings

Ross Wigham posts some iphone images, partly inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, taken around Newcastle and Northumberland. The best camera is the one you have with you. iphone shootings by Ross Wigham

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Why I love – and hate – Instagram

Matt Murray considers the swings and roundabout of using Instagram for his Week 25 contribution to Weekly Blog Club, and illustrates it with some lovely seaside and fairground pictures. Why I love – and hate – Instagram by Matt Murray.

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Corporate interviews using the iPhone

Matt Bond has written more of what you can do with an iPhone* for Week 22 – this time, he experiments with recording an interview on video using one. Corporate interviews using the iPhone by  Matt Bond. *Reminds me to update the

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New jobs, old jobs, and 1 of the most important jobs of all

Week 20 proved to be one of the lighter weeks in number of posts, but there is more than one ‘must-read’ post amongst the nine submitted (unless I failed to spot any en route). There was a bit of a

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Mobile photography with Camera+ app

Matt Murray writes about the iPhone app Camera+ for his Week 20 post, illustrated with his own photographs. He gives tips on how to take and edit pictures, complete with screenshots of the app. Mobile photography with Camera+ app by Matt Murray.

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What’s on my iPhone: Film and Photo

For his Week 16 post, Matt Bond shares the secrets of which iPhone apps he uses on his iPhone to capture, edit and share moving and still images. What’s on my iPhone: Film and Photo by Matt Bond.

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Mobile photography – why your smartphone is the best camera

Matt Murray has recalled the old square snaps of his early childhood in his Week 9 post, and encourages people to use their smartphone’s camera. He includes some great examples of how such photographs are increasingly used by mainstream media

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