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Measurement: for Improvement or for Judgement?

Mark MacGregor writes about using data and how things are measured within the National Health Service, but his points could be applied also to other sectors. Measurement: for Improvement or for Judgement? by Mark MacGregor on the Ayrshire Health blog. Advertisements

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Have your cake and eat it

Warning: this post by Carolyne Mitchell for Week 34 of Weekly Blog Club includes a picture of a chocolate cake bigger, apparently, than MiniHim (for whose birthday she made it). She has written the recipe for it too. Have your

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Learning to overcome baby brain

Lisa McGonigle writes about ‘baby brain,’ whether it exists, and e-learning. Learning to overcome baby brain by Lisa McGonigle on the Learning Pool blog.

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The Prince is Naked. Please don’t look

Paul Coxon considers the question of whether the press should or should not comply with requests not to publish photographs such as the recent one of Prince Harry, and how the Palace handled this public relations incident. The Prince is

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The songs of me part 3 and part 4

These should be the answers to a second set of 6 questions, except there are 8 questions, and 4 questions get answered, but there are a lot of songs mentioned. The songs of me part 3 by Janet E Davis. The songs

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My week guest-hosting #WeeklyBlogClub

Mark Braggins looked after Weekly Blog Club for a week and wrote a great Week 33 summary. In his Week 34 post, he looks back on and forward to the club’s development. My week guest-hosting #WeeklyBlogClub by Mark Braggins.

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Because I’m a person

Phil Jewitt has been creating constructive conversations and now considers what the result is of being a real person. Because I’m a person by Phil Jewitt.

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