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Cometh the Shropshire Hour

Kate Bentham discovered that there is a Shropshire Hour for the Shropshire business community on Twitter, and has been dipping her toe in the water to connect the Council’s Family Information Service with working parents and their employers. Cometh the

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Lost; Social Media Mojo

Kate Bentham reflects on the last two year’s management of her frontline service social media accounts. Working with ever decreasing resources and inadequate tools for the job can sometimes make us question the good work that we actually do. Kate shares

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Being a Young Mum

Kate Bentham’s contribution to Week 38 is an interview with  a young woman called Claire who talks about the experience of becoming a mother. Being a Young Mum by Kate Bentham for the Shropshire Family Information Service’s blog.

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Back to the Shop Floor

Kate Bentham’s Week 34 post looks at how a staff shortage this summer has helped and will help her in her work. Back to the Shop Floor by Kate Bentham.

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Olympics, reflections…and a remembrance

It was much harder than usual to choose the title for the Week 31 Weekly Blog Club summary. I will leave the post that made it so tough till the last, although it was not quite the last published during

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Frontline LocalGov – A Blog for Families

Way back in Week 17 of Weekly Blog Club, Kate Bentham wrote #WeAre12 A Social Media Campaign and told of how they were setting up a new blog for the Shropshire Family Information Service. In Week 31 she shares an update on

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The next big idea

Kate Bentham, still recovering from the #WeAre12 campaign, was nudged into thinking about what to do next. In her Week 23 Weekly Blog Club post, she writes about the next project in which she will use digital devices and social

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