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Reflections on #nhsscot14

After two inspiring days at the NHS Scotland event, Selina Stephen and Jason Leitch have time to reflect on what they learnt from the event, and to also consider how everyone working within NHS Scotland can take the two key

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The Listening Project

Fiona Green blogs about the diabetes project DAFNA which is Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating, and is a structured education programme for people with type 1 diabetes. Fiona tells us how the programme gave her an insight into what is

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Whose needs are being met?

This week Ken Donaldson tells us of two elderly and frail patients, who both needed care and treatment. The care received by one, helped Ken to questions whose needs were being met when it came to decisions about patient care,

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Reflections, values and the zeal for reformation

Do you still have the same passion and values as you did when you entered into your area of work? “Craig is highly assertive. He expects others to live up to his high standards. His reforming zeal, while admirable, can lead

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A Done List

To do lists can help us to plan and prioritise our work, but do they also make you feel like there’s a never ending stream of work for you to do? A colleague of Kate Bentham hit up on the

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Learner Portfolio

Andrew Jacobs blogs about long term personal aspirations, reflective practice and how creating a Continual Professional Development portfolio can help motivate learners. Learner Portfolio by Andrew Jacobs

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