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Hubs, Health and Happy Shoes

Week 18? Already? Well I never. It’s true that time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and this week has flown by for me because I’ve been enjoying the 11 fabulous blogs submitted. I especially liked the blog post by Karen Hart

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The Memory of Happy Shoes

In this weeks blog on Ayrshire Health we have a guest post from Janice Mcalister who writes about Dementia. Janice talks about how certain triggers such as a smell, song or even a picture of happy shoes can help to

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A blast from his past

Kate Bentham shows a touching (or foolhardy?!) trust in mankind as she invites a stranger into her home. And finishes on a cliffhanger! A blast from his past by Kate Bentham.

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First memories

In his Week 10 post, Peter McClymont explores some of his earliest memories, which include major historical events – or do they? First memories by Peter McClymont.

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