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Nineteen Eighty-Four as lived by Karl

I absolutely loved this blog by Karl S Green. The blog includes extracts from a message book between home and nursery when it was 1984 and Karl was 3 years old. It highlights some of Karl’s interests at the time

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The Memory of Happy Shoes

In this weeks blog on Ayrshire Health we have a guest post from Janice Mcalister who writes about Dementia. Janice talks about how certain triggers such as a smell, song or even a picture of happy shoes can help to

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Half life: The old Box Brownie and the phantom plastic bag

A great blog from Diane Sims for week 16. The blog shows two photos, one of Diane from a local newsletter, and one of her mother from the local newspaper. The photos are taken 64 years apart and although there’s

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Lists, writing and memory

A wonderful post from Karen Hart this week, who writes about how Ray Bradbury used lists to spark off creative thinking through word association. Karen uses this technique and the [entirely optional] theme of colour to share with us some highlights

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Rituals, routines and how to polish shoes

A wonderful blog from Chris Bolton this week not only about polishing shoes but on memories a routine can evoke, how rituals makes us think about our possessions and how the smallest of tasks can show how how much we care for

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Is that you Matthew? Memories of my grandmother

Matt Murray’s Week 14 post is a moving piece, sharing memories of his grandmother. Is that you Matthew? Memories of my grandmother by  Matt Murray.

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