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Shotgun wedding

After larking about in the countryside dressed in tweed, shooting at clay pigeons, Ross Wigham reflects on a time when some PR campaigns might have taken a scatter gun approach to hitting the target but now, with reduced budgets and

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Learn, Care, Share

First off, sorry this summary wasn’t ready for you on Sunday morning as it usually is. I tried to catch up on the posting the promo posts on Saturday and Sunday and then just ran out of time – plus

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An interesting blog from BDO Local Gov, looking at how local gov in other countries is changing and developing. This blog shares news of proposals for Ireland, with radical changes for the future. A DIFFERENT KIND OF BLUE by BDO

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Support for the Social Media Lone Ranger

This week Kate Bentham blogs about how more and more frontline services are using social media – but asks what support, development, training does an organisation offer a lone ranger. Share examples of what your organisations offers in the comments.

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