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Reaching out to hospital patients at the end of life

A fascinating blog post this week from David Clark on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog. David and colleagues wanted to  to establish what proportion of people in hospital at any one time are in the last year of life. The

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33 Karl Facts

To celebrate his 33rd birthday Karl Green share 33 facts about himself. From favourite children’s programmes and his rendition of  Red Dwarf song to his love of films and having 13 games consoles, I feel like I know Karl a

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A second wonderful blog from Ross Wigham on the (optional) theme of Landmarks this week. Whilst wearing tweed, Ross find himself reflecting on life, being a parent, some recent career highlights and being happy. Fab. Landmarks by Ross Wigham

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Naomi on The Minimal List blog reminds us that there are other, more statisfying, ways of treating or indulging ourselves when we feel we’ve earnt it, which doesn’t involve spending money. Naomi suggests some of the simply things in life

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This week Naomi on The Minimal List looks back on the things that mattered when she was 16 and how the principles she developed at the time have shaped her thinking for the future. Sixteen by The Minimal List

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A warm Weekly Blog Club welcome to Naomi who blogs on The Minimal List. Naomi has submitted a post on how seeking perfection can sometimes put added pressure on to our daily life, and how it’s Alright to give ourselves

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