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Post Boxes – they are everywhere

Peter Olding returns in Week 24 of Weekly Blog Club with a post about how he keeps trying to avoid adding post box spotting to his list of leisure interests and activities. Post Boxes – they are everywhere by Peter Olding.

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Building Blocks and MOSAIC Tiles

John Patterson’s Week 14 post starts with one of my favourite maps: the Charles Booth Poverty Map of London. John shares his thoughts on how best to represent socio-economic data about households in an area on a map, in a

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The SLA Event (Pt 2): Ordnance Survey Open Data and GeoVation

Mark Braggins has contributed his second part of reporting on the Society for Location Analysis event that he attended (see also SLA Event (Part 1): Open Data: Powering the Information age ) for his Week 9 post. The second half is full of

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SLA Event (Part 1): Open Data: Powering the Information age

Mark Braggins has produced another great account of an event that should be of interest to many. This event, organised by the Society for Location Analysis (SLA), was about “geography, information and open data,” and attracted an unusual mix of

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