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Cake, culture, camping and a flame

There was a bit of a culture theme to several of Week 21’s 10 posts. Cake featured in a culture-themed post and made it into a post title this week. Four of the posts centred on digital media, and a

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good, bad and cake: a social media campaign to celebrate landmark birthday

Kate Bentham reports (on the comms2point0 blog) about the multi-platform social media campaign  at the beginning of May to celebrate the 12th birthday of her council’s Family Information Service. This is a really helpful sharing of information that should help others to

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#WeAre12 A Social Media Campaign

Kate Bentham’s Week 17 post is about the 12th birthday of her council’s FIS (Family Information Service), and the amazing range of events that they are holding to celebrate it. The anniversary will be marked also by a new FIS

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