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Remembering, renewal & revitalising

Thank you very much to Kate Bentham for offering to take over at the last minute last weekend to do the Week 44 posts and summary when I was without a computer earlier than I thought I would be (I’ve

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Naomi writes about why her family ditched their car – and how they manage without one now, mainly by walking or using trains and buses. Wheels by Naomi on The Minimal List.

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Photochallenge #2 A view from a platform….

Carol Woolley meets Kate Bentham’s challenge with a great Severn Valley Railway steam train photo (which will appear in the header soon), and reveals more of Kidderminster’s history. Photochallenge #2 A view from a platform…. by Carol Woolley.

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Check all media outputs before choosing a name

Peter Olding’s Week 14 post is about the naming of social media accounts by companies – in this case, a train company – and how some might need to think more carefully about their abbreviation. Check all media outputs before

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Dancing, dragons, danger – and just doing it

Although there are fewer posts to read this week (15 rather than last week’s 22), they are all, as ever, well worth reading. The (always optional) theme for Week 11 was women because the Weekly Blog Club week happened to

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Train-ing to overcome.

John Patterson writes about making the difficult decision to do something about which most people would not think twice to do. Do read this, especially if you think your commute in/out of the office was difficult. Train-ing to overcome by  John Patterson.

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Preston is a nice place. Oh, and Local Gov Camp North West (Part 1)

Mark Braggins travelled all the way from Hampshire to Preston to attend Local Govcamp North West, despite forecasts of heavy snow, and enduring conditions more crowded than cattle trucks are allowed to be. He writes engagingly about the experience. (can’t wait

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