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Don’t spend any money on NHS Jargon Busters – it’s sorted! Download the Apps.

Chris Bolton wrote about jargon in his previous post – Jargon. A tool of exclusion, efficient technical language or just the ‘cheeping of birds’? and considered the need to explain it. This time, he looks at various articles, tools and apps

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A church app and a martyr to excessive sensibility

Louise Brown comments in passing on an ecclesiastical app on her way to telling us the intriguing and tragic story of “a martyr to excessive sensibility.” I find myself wondering what happened to the villain in the story. A church

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Doodle for charities

Louise Brown explains how useful Doodle can be for charities, and explains how to use it to arrange meetings. Doodle for charities by Louise Brown.

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Inspiring youngsters + research, resilience, randomness

It became clear when going through the Week 11 contributions that inspiring youngsters was a theme that had emerged over the previous few days. Sometimes themes emerge organically, with one post sparking off an idea for another one. This one

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‘Wired to share’ – but not educated to

Do you think you are ‘wired to share?’ Is collaborating with colleagues second nature? Lorna Prescott writes about sharing notes of meetings. ‘Wired to share’ – but not educated to by Lorna Prescott.

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What Quora says about how to market an app

Janet Harkin writes a very useful post on how to market an app if you lack a fortune to spend on marketing, and lack an influential celebrity friend who loves your app. What Quora says about how to market an

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Facilitation Essentials #1. From a clockwork cat timer to a countdown /stopwatch app

This week Chris Bolton shares why a clockwork timer is a core piece of equipment in his facilitation toolbox, and how delegates interact with it. Chris has recently gone digital and upgraded from a clockwork cat timer to a countdown

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