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I love technology, art and learning!

If you’re interested in contributing to the Weekly Blog Club you can find out more on the About page. Summary of Week 7 posts Epicurus and a simply PhD lesson by Derek Barron. And we have another year by Sasha Taylor. Dear May by Richard Overy.

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A Done List

To do lists can help us to plan and prioritise our work, but do they also make you feel like there’s a never ending stream of work for you to do? A colleague of Kate Bentham hit up on the

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What on earth are you doing here?

This is a lovely post by Ben Whitehouse as he ruminates over how Birmingham has come to play a part in his life. He looks at how he initially visited Birmingham and what struck him about the city, before he

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My ValenTyne

Good punning and lovely sentiment from Janet E Davis here as she showcases a lovely piece of graffiti in Newcastle. Janet uses this to meditate on her feelings for the city and why the graffiti works. My ValenTyne by Janet E

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This is the much longer playlist of the ironic, poignant, or plain sad love songs

This is the second of Janet Davis’ blog posts this week, which features a lovely array of sad, ironic and poignant love songs in a Spotify playlist. Right from the off with Iggy Pop’s Fall in Love with Me (which

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This is the happy love songs playlist

This is a collection of happy songs from Janet E Davis, who uses Spotify to good effect to showcase a wide variety of love songs. From Annie Lennox’s vulnerable singing in Eurythmics’ Miracle of Love to Madness’ upbeat and sure

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Participatory websites – what does good practice look like?

Dyfrig Williams of Participation Cymru is on a task and finish group for an online hub for social services in Wales. Find out what he considers good practice in online engagement as he examines how websites can help people to

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Weekly blog club

A work of absolute genius by Louise Atkinson that’s in praise of…. Weekly Blog Club! Click on the link below to see why Louise thinks we’re pretty nifty and to learn more about how you can help out. Cheers Louise!

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What’s in a Name?

Lots to think about in this blog about mental health – do labels give a clear distinct diagnosis to patients? Or are they actually inflexible tags that reduce people to being defined as little more than their conditions? Lots to

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