Welcome back!

And it’s our 3rd anniversary! (see last post for the stats on how many authors, views of posts etc).

Thank you very much to all of you who responded to my questions about whether we keep going and evolve or stop. I’m still not totally sure what changes we’re making but I’ve started with just retweeting people’s tweets about their newest blog posts rather than writing a post for each.

One change I need you to make is to mention @weeklyblogclub in your tweets about posts if you want your post to be included. When we started, I think the hashtag search results were in date order but, unfortunately, Twitter has gone down the Facebook route and seems to order them in ‘popularity’ order which means that latest tweets can get mixed in amongst tweets from months ago.

I will redesign the logo – unless someone else would like to…? I am looking at using a different WordPress template too. If any of you would like to suggest a [free] template and colours, please do!

I tried to set up a Weekly Blog Club MailChimp account – and then realised why I hadn’t previously as, at the second stage of set up, it insists on a full postal address. Since I don’t want to broadcast my home address and lack a work address, I can’t do this. It seems to have accepted a fabricated address for now – but do any of you have a work address that you would be prepared to let us use for our MailChimp account if needed?

Thank you very much for comments and favourable comments on the previous post What shall we do with Weekly Blog Club? – and thank you to all who have contributed and taken turns in looking after Weekly Blog Club up till now.

Let’s try new things! Let us know if you prefer something, or if you want to take a turn at looking after Weekly Blog Club.

Happy New Year!


PS I’ve set up a MailChimp account for Weekly Blog Club for those who miss the tweets about the summary posts and if we get subscribers, we’ll send out a brief weekly (or less) newsletter – possibly with just a sentence and a link to the relevant post on this blog. Subscribe via this link (and I apologise for the Recaptcha but the blog does attract spam).

Summary of week 1 posts

Nurture 1415 by Kate Bentham.

Urban views Jan 2015 Week 1 by Janet E Davis.

Welcome to TaysideHealth by TaysideHealth

‘Pocket Ideas…for a moment in time’ a person centred approach in Acute Care by Andrea Boyd on the Let’s talk about dementia blog.

Not a New Year resolution by Karen JK Hart.

If you open stuff up, good stuff happens by Mark Braggins – NOTE – includes notice of an event.

Reading, Romans, bleepers and leaving local government. My 6 key 2014 moments by Ross Wigham.

January by Karen JK Hart.

The tinker, tailor, soldier, spy of social media by Ross Wigham.


Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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2 comments on “Welcome back!
  1. Hi Janet,

    I’m a new visitor through Mark Braggins. I love this site, which is rich in resources and tips. I’ll spend more time reading the posts here. Thank you for providing this platform for us to read so many high quality posts.

    I’d like to share with you my experience as a new visitor to this site.

    First, I feel there are too many categories, making searching more difficult. I wonder if some of them are meant to be tags. Some categories perhaps could be redefined, and ‘uncategorised’ is not very helpful.

    Second, I would suggest there are more internal links to help me locate posts by the contributors. Currently, clicking on ‘contributors’ seems to be taking me to their Twitter pages, instead of their pages within this site. I would hope to be able to find certain writers’ posts easily.

    Keep up with your good work and once again, thank you for this wonderful site.

    • Thanks for your comments, Janet!
      The categories have grown over time & some probably should have been tags.
      I had thought about gathering all the posts by individuals but have never had time to do that indexing. If anyone ever has time to do it, we’ll have a page per individual with all the links to their posts. Of course, another problem we’ll find when we go back is that posts have disappeared as blogging platforms or websites or organisations have disappeared.

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