The importance of communicating (and more drones)

Thank you very much to all who contributed the 10 posts in week 17.

I am going to start this summary by mentioning the post that I think must have been the toughest to write. Kirsty Bowie wrote about the experience in 2001 of losing a son, just after he was born, in her post for  dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog: Jose. I admit that I had to brush away a flood of tears as I read it. The comments people made on this post were also very moving.

I found I was holding my breath as I read Nina McGinley’s post for the Ayrshire Health blog – Improving Communication with the Ventilated Patient, until I read of her excited reaction to enabling a patient to communicate (it made me laugh). It was so positive to read about the thought being given to something that must be very difficult for the patients. Derek Barron looked ahead in his post Ayrshire Health blog – May to June 2014 to who will be writing for the Ayrshire Health blog – and I recognised some of the names (I found myself saying out loud “Oh good, he’s back.”)

Having written about his top 10 video games, Karl Green was back this week with Other Great Video Games. I don’t know how Karl manages to fit in all the writing he does as well as playing video games! His posts certainly indicate that he is not just a conscious consumer but an observant one (I could never remember so many details about video or computer games).

Carolyne Mitchell wrote about The unconscious consumer. What trade-offs do you accept in your lives? I had to make a decision recently that required more than one. She includes a bonus treat for her readers at the end of her post. You never quite know what to expect in one of Carolyne’s posts. Kelly Quigley-Hicks had a surprise in her last example of The art of promotion (I can’t say much more – you need to read it). I enjoyed the clarity of her post.

We had a few posts that were about the specific time of year. A photo, some concise text, and a  poetic title said so much in the short but perfectly-formed April rhythm by Diane Sims. I could almost hear the music in Carol Woolley’s Happy St George’s Day. She conjured up the event in a few photos and a few sentences and made me wish I had been there.

Karen Hart really likes the number 4. Before I clicked on it, I did wonder if her link would lead to a post about Star Wars or Star Wars fans, partly because my tweet stream on 4th May was full of people making ‘May the Fourth be with you’ jokes (these rather pass me by since I have never watched Star Wars, despite generally being a sci-fi fan). Karen’s post was a heart-warming set of fours lists of four things relating to a very special day on May the Fourth: 4 by 4.

Simon Orr wrote The Drones are coming! on the BlueLightCamp blog to write about the kind of drones he operates and to whet the appetite for his demo of how they work at the BlueLightCamp. Sounds fun (as well as seriously useful, of course).

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Janet E Davis

Summary of week 17 posts

Other Great Video Games by Karl S Green.

Ayrshire Health blog – May to June 2014 by Derek Barron.

Improving Communication with the Ventilated Patient by Nina McGinley on the Ayrshire Health blog.

The art of promotion by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

The unconscious consumer by Carolyne Mitchell.

Happy St George’s Day by Carol Woolley.

April rhythm by Diane Sims.

Jose by Kirsty Bowie on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

May the Fourth: 4 by 4 by Karen JK Hart.

The Drones are coming! by Simon Orr on the BlueLightCamp blog.


Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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