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Angel Community Garden, Tonbridge

This week Karen Hart writes about the Angel Community Garden which is a project initiated by the local community to transform the featureless edge of a shopping centre car park. Karen talks to one of the many volunteers to celebrate the

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Paris or Rome?

Carolyne Mitchell continues her thoughts on decision making in this next installment from her blog. Carolyne discusses how the choices we make are not only linked to our emotions from choices we’ve made in the past but how we are often

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Welcome to Easy Street

In this blog Carolyne Mitchell shares with us some of the teaching of Dan Arielys and his course Beginners Guide to Irrationality. The blogs looks at decision making, and how people rely on contextual information to make judgements. Carolyne discusses

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Freezing cold and ants and I tools old. Alright?

A great blog from Kelly Quigley-Hicks which looks at how simple comms messages can get lost in jargon and gobbledegook. Kelly reminds us what a barrier jargon can be and how the use of plain language will help our audience

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The reinvention of PR – ten thoughts

Kelly Quigley-Hicks recently attended a regional Chartered Institute of Public Relations conference, which brought together high calibre speakers with PR professionals from a wide range of agencies and organisations. In this blog Kelly shares with us her thoughts on the day

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Half life: The old Box Brownie and the phantom plastic bag

A great blog from Diane Sims for week 16. The blog shows two photos, one of Diane from a local newsletter, and one of her mother from the local newspaper. The photos are taken 64 years apart and although there’s

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The wheels on the bus

On the Ayrshire Health Blog this week Brian McCulloch shares with us his experience of the care and treatment he received during a surgical procedure. Brian writes about a couple of disappointments along the way, but praises the communication skills

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