Leaving, changing, starting, springing

Despite the date on this summary, I am writing it a month after it should have been written (I have been very busy, mostly with voluntary work for a community group), so I will attempt the briefest summary I have written yet for the Week 11 posts. I hope our authors don’t mind – the posts are all worth reading – but if I write about them all, it could take till Christmas to catch up with March and April’s posts. I shall try simply grouping together posts under headings.

The most unexpected post of the week was Karen Hart’s (do take time to read it and see the lovely picture that brought a tear to my eye).

Thank you very much to all who contributed posts. If you feel inspired by any of these posts, our About page tells you what you need to know about becoming a contributor. We also value our members who read, share posts with others, Like, and comment.

The healthcare posts

The Vocational Rehabilitation Journey in Scotland: Reflections from an AHP Consultant by  Jean McQueen on the AHPScotBlog (Allied Health Professionals Scotland) blog.

Simply the Best: Teach Me How by Susan Munro.

Clinical Informatics and service redesign, the HEAT is on by Mark Fleming on the Ayrshirehealth blog.

Relating to communications and public relations

My eight must-reads for 2014  by Ross Wigham.

Social Media Can’t Be Your Only Tool  by Kenny McDonald.

Thoughts on leaving local government by Ian Curwen.

“Launching an Imperfect Service”. An unlikely conversation at the cashpoint (ATM) by Chris Bolton.


My 6th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.

Cosplay by Karen Hart.

Is it Spring yet? by Diane Sims.

Pictures – old and new

American Girl  by Richard Overy.

3 pink anemones in an oriental vase by Janet Davis.

Thanks for reading. More backlog summaries on their way!


Janet E Davis

Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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One comment on “Leaving, changing, starting, springing
  1. Yes! My work here is done. Cosplay post read by Janet after all her trepidation. Stunned and delighted into using an excl mk yikes x

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