Walking and wellbeing our way to blog happiness

Hello everyone, it’s @LouiseBrown here, your inadequate host from week 7.

Week 7? I hear you cry.. yes, week 7!

After all of the effort you put into your fabulous posts I then completely failed to get the summary written up.

Anyway, I really am sorry, I hope you enjoy the ever so slightly late week 7 posts.

As the Easter holidays zoom towards us, this post from Rachel Kershaw on ‘boredom busting tips for half term‘ will help you to plan your well-deserved break in the North East. I for one would love to be heading out to Ouseburn Farm, especially on a day like we had yesterday.

If you do end up visiting the farm then you’ll appreciate all of the effort that volunteers put into picking up litter there recently. Janet E Davis was on of the volunteers and she’s written about the day in ‘A sunny Clean Up in February‘.

Phil Jewitt has also been out and about, visiting his local park in Leeds and considering how people use green spaces and how they can help people be more sociable. Read all about it in ‘Park life, swans and coffee but mostly people helping people‘.

Any post with pictures of farm animals is going straight to the top of my must-read pile. Carol Woolley has really spoiled us this week with ‘Hawkbatch, a fallen tree and muddy pigs…‘. Oink oink!

Karen JK Hart has shared a really lovely post to celebrate her daughter’s ‘Seventeen‘ birthday with us this week. Apparently Amelia wanted a duckling for her birthday, a girl after my own heart, happy birthday!

I started preparing for this year’s crop of potatoes yesterday. If I had to go through what Diane Sims had to go through to get her seed potatoes I would savour each and every one harvested. She shares what should have been a simple day out in ‘Potato blight, potato bright‘.

If you’re not the outdoors type then maybe Karl S Green‘s post on ‘My 10th Favourite Video Game of All Time‘ might inspire you to dig out your old GameBoy. Retro gaming goodness.

Not everyone has been writing about their leisure time. Ross Wigham has been pondering his ‘7 thoughts on communications for 2014‘. It’ll be interesting to revisit this one in a year’s time to see how accurate he was. We’d love to hear what you think of what he has picked out.

Dyfrig Williams has also been blogging about communication on the Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office. He was given ‘#accessallareas to Gwent Police‘, to hear how they are using Twitter to engage with the public. A fascinating insight into a side of the police we don’t see very often.

Audrey Birt had an opportunity to reflect on the Scottish approach to wellbeing when she attended a lecture on how the Alaskan system build wellbeing in, with and through a community. There is clearly a lot to be learnt from Alaska’s approach. Audrey shares her thoughts in ‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible…‘.

Shaun Maher has also been thinking about quality in health care as well this week on the Ayrshirehealth blog. In ‘What’s love got to do with it?‘ he reflects on the work of Avedis Donabedian, a doctor who wrote extensively on the topic of quality of healthcare.

All men (& women) are created equal?‘ is the question being asked by Lynsey Fitzpatrick on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog. As the Equality Lead it’s Lynsey’s job to make sure her and her organisation are doing everything they can to truly treat people as equals but what does that really mean?

Thank you again to everyone who contributed posts to week 7, you are what keeps this going.

Thanks for having me as your host,



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