Digital, leaders, writers and Santa

Hello bloggers, it’s rubbish host  Kate Bentham here, trying to catch up with all of the fabulous blogs you have posted over the last 2 weeks. Yes, yes, I’m a bit behind but don’t let that stop you submitting a post for week 49, but first, let’s have a look at week 47 posts.

As I type I am trying not to be distracted by the fact that there are Christmas films on the tellybox, a whole heap of Christmas cards to write, gifts to wrap and Bailey’s to drink. As a traditionalist ‘12 days before’ the decs aren’t up yet but I can’t help feeling that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And if we want somewhere to go for extra Christmas spirit then Lindsay Narey  tells us the East Midlands is the place to head. There’s everything to get you in the festive spirit, from big Christmas trees, to mulled wines, wonderful walks and pamper time, it seems as if Lindsay can vouch for them all in Christmassy outings East Midlands style. In the words of Lindsay/Buddy ‘Santa! Santa! I know him’

We’ve had a few blogs about our digital world this week.

A great blog from Derek Barron on the Dumfries and Galloway health Blog looking at why and how leaders can make use of social media. In Leadership in a digital world Derek shares his own experience of using Twitter and the benefits he has seen for engagement along with information sharing and gathering. Derek encourages other leaders within NHS Scotland to consider the possibilities it could bring to their role.

Dan Slee  has been doing his best to tell us all that the press release must (or will) die in future comms and how the profession will be transformed by the digital world. In POST RELEASE: Life After the Press Release Dies   he shares how he has the backing of some big hitters – as Coca Cola join him in, and take it one step further by predicting the corporate website will also be a thing of the past. In this blog Dan encourages us to look at social conversations and the part they play in replacing the press release.

Louise Atkinson updates us on her research as part of her PHD in Practice as research: Week 55   This week Louise takes part in the bi-monthly Artwalk and blogs about two large scale wall mounted photographs by artist Bob Clayden. Louise also hears Bob talk about his work and the process he used to create the images, which involved combining primitive photographic techniques with modern technology.

And by contradiction to the digital world, Joseph Conaghan  blogs about his analogue world, sharing how he once started a classic album event to listen to music on vintage analogue equipment but it didn’t really get off the ground, people were however enjoying music at a rival event. In My Analogue World  Joseph concludes it’s important in life to get the balance right between an analogue and digital world.

We have two blogs looking at the skill of writing this week. First is Karl S Green in The Ghost of NaNoWriMo Present  Karl has been participating in National Novel Writing Month again this year. In this blog Karl writes about the target he has set himself and how he has been managing to write 5,000 words a day and catch up on lots of Dr Who. Janet E Davis shares her thoughts about what might be stopping her from writing a book in Writer’s block . Having written lots of words since a young age, Janet blogs about the type of book which she could write, whether a fictional novel or factual book, she also looks at what might be holding her back. As a fan of Janet’s writing I can only encourage her to give it a go, and until that time comes we can catch Janet’s micro fiction on @130story.

Congratulations to Alison Groat for Taking the Leap – Sharing an OT Early Intervention in Dementia  in which she undertakes a presentation to 200 Occupational Therapy students on Communication and Making Connections in Dementia. The presentation was aimed at developing their understanding of the importance of person centred support. Alison also introduced the students to the Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Progarmme which focuses on early intervention for people with Dementia.

The bee in my bonnet  is a very honest blog this week by Laura on the Ayrshire Health Blog  who responds to a comment made by someone working in mental health services that the aim is to get patients into employment. Laura talks about her own experience of working whilst suffering from long term distress and difficulties and says that support needs to be in place for anyone suffering with mental health regardless of whether that person is in work or not.

It’s been a busy month for the team at Participation Cymru  as they share What have we been up to in November? There’s been an office move; training courses completed and exciting events attended including the Barod Community Interest Company launch. The team has also been recruiting people to the CSSIWs National Advisory Board to give carers, service users and volunteers the chance to be involved in the way care and social care is inspected in Wales.

It’s also been a busy time for Samuel-James Wilson  as he updates us his adventures in Australia. The 60 days since he arrived have seen plenty of activity but very little work, now however there is work on the horizon too, which is fantastic. In 60 day’s late. Samuel-James blogs about his latest project, the challenges of working with new material and in new environments – with unpredictable weather and working alongside unwanted Huntsman Spiders! Yikes.

And that’s your lot. I make that ten super blogs, please read, like, comment and share as many as you can, it’s a real motivator.  If you want to have a go a writing a blog for week 40 then you can find out how on our About page.

If you want to have a go at being the Weekly Blog Club host and curator for a week, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you, there’s an easy step by step guide on how to on our Admin info page. Go on, what have you got to lose?

Until next time, take care of yourself and keep blogging.

Kate x

Kate Bentham

Summary of week 47 posts

  1. Taking the Leap – Sharing an OT Early Intervention in Dementia  by Alison Groat
  2. The Ghost of NaNoWriMo Present. by Karl S Green
  3. The bee in my bonnet  by Laura on the Ayrshire Health Blog 
  4. Practice as research: Week 55  by Louise Atkinson
  5. POST RELEASE: Life After the Press Release Dies  by Dan Slee 
  6. Writer’s block  by Janet E Davis
  7. My Analogue World  by Joseph Conaghan
  8. Leadership in a digital world by Derek Barron on the Dumfries and Galloway health Blog
  9. 60 day’s late.  by Samuel-James Wilson
  10. What have we been up to in November? by Participation Cymru

Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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  1. Kate, you’re NOT a “rubbish host’! I’m very grateful for your help in looking after Weekly Blog Club and really enjoy reading your summary 🙂 Thank you also for saying kind things about my writing!

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