Camels, characters and a whole lot of cracking posts

Hello everyone, it’s Louise here and I’ve been your week 40 host.

We’ve had a very respectable 13 posts and they’re as varied as ever.

Starting us off is our ever popular collection of health posts. In Name the feelingsGeorgia Parker has written up some really helpful, practical advice for dealing with those feelings of worry, stress and anxiety that affect us all. Elaine Ross has written a post for the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog, Those were the days…. Elaine is the Infection Control Manager and she gives us a fascinating insight into how attitudes and behaviours to infection have changed and why targets are not always a bad thing. Andrea Boyd has written the post for Ayrshire Health this week. In Keep calm and reach for the finish line!!, Andrea thinks back to a day when she said yes and what amazing things it led to.

I’m going to give Janet her own section this week as she’s treated us to two posts. The first is another fabulous drawing, Dog skull drawing 2. October is The Big Draw month in the UK. Why not take part and share your creation on the blog! Janet also went to the Talk About Local 2013  unconference in Middlesbrough this week. She’s picked up lots of great ideas and shared thoughts on hyperlocal blogging.

Two of our bloggers have moved to warmer climes and both of them have written about how they’re getting on. Firstly our heritage builder Samuel-James Wilson is getting settled in Australia and we’re thrilled that things seem to be coming together, One month inSimon Harrington is in Dubai and his thoughts can be summed up with one word, Sand. This post contains the incredibly useful 5 tips for how to annoy a camel!

I guess all of our posts are to some extent about learning or teaching but we’ve had two contributions this week which address these areas more explicitly. Peter Olding has been doing something that I’ve always wanted to do and that is to learn British Sign Language. Abbi Signs tells us more about how he’s doing it. Louise Brown (that’s me!) is embarking on a PGCE to teach adult numeracy and is starting to plan for a numeracy microteach.

We have a killer duo of tech posts this week.  Dyfrig Williams – for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office – has been to an IT seminar and heard from folks at the National Library of Wales. With a good disaster recovery plan they were able to get their systems back up and running within a working day after a fire broke out earlier this year.

Being thrown into unusual situations always throws up new ideas. Chris Bolton had to go to hospital this week and it got him thinking about how the NHS could make use of all their patients (and others) with smartphones and time on their hands. Social Media, WH Smith Carpet, London Midland Trains and Observations from Accident & Emergency.

Andy Johnson gets a special prize from me for basing a post around The Beatles. Andy’s company has swapped their traditional aims, vision and values for a very succinct, four point DNA; Be Good, Be Brave, Be Different and Be Commercial. What do you make of their approach? Could you see it happening in your organisation? The Bromford DNA, Let It Be.

The blog-I-couldn’t-categorise this week is from Karl Green. Did you know Karl has been a bit of an actor in his time? In Fifty Shades of Green: Part 6 – Karl the Actor we have to imagine Karl as teddy bear, arrogant Prince Percy, soldier and murderer. Fabulous daaaahling!

If you want to have a go at being the Weekly Blog Club host and curator for a week then there’s an easy step by step guide on how to on our Admin info page.

I’m handing back to Janet Davis who will be your host for week 41.  The [optional] theme – in honour of Northern Design Festival (10-20th Oct) – is favourite designs; whether that be buildings, clothes, patterns, cooking utensils… anything.

Happy blogging!

Louise x

Full lists of posts

  1. Name the feelings by Georgia Parker
  2. Social Media, WH Smith Carpet, London Midland Trains and Observations from Accident & Emergency by Chris Bolton
  3. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 6 – Karl the Actor by Karl Green
  4. Dog skull drawing 2 by Janet E Davis
  5. One month in by Samuel-James Wilson
  6. Sand by Simon Harrington
  7. Keep calm and reach for the finish line!! by Andrea Boyd for Ayrshire Health
  8. Disaster recovery in action by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office
  9. Talk About Local 2013 by Janet E Davis
  10. Abbi Signs by Peter Olding
  11. Those were the days… by Elaine Ross for Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  12. Planning a numeracy microteach by Louise Brown
  13. The Bromford DNA, Let It Be by Andy Johnson

I'm a data bod, helping organisations to manage their data and demonstrate their impact. I'm also a trainee maths teacher.Google

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