Good day sunshine, a week of summer blog posts

Hello everyone, it’s Louise here.

I thought that summer was meant to be the time when you all sit back, enjoy the sun and relax your blogging fingers. Instead, you’ve been busier than ever and I’ve been helicoptered in, like Anneka Rice, to summarise week 25 for your reading pleasure.

So, here we go…

A number of you picked up on one of the optional themes for this week – dads and what it’s like to be a father. Mike Perry shared his hopes and wishes for his children on the Shropshire Family Info blog. Ross Wigham takes a humorous look at what they don’t tell you about being a parent. Stuart Mackintosh also shares his thoughts on being a dad in You are soooo embarrassing. Kathryn Graham writes a personal post about fathers and grandfathers, and not just the ones you’re born with. Not strictly a fathers day post but Chris Bolton has written this week about the difficult task of selling his late father in law’s books in How do you part with books? Richard Overy‘s vintage picture this week is of two boys and their home, I bet they were never a problem for their parents 😉

Janet Davis has been at the Baltic gallery and thinking about art past and art present. Louise Atkinson is starting to think beyond her PhD and how she might be able to apply the same structure to other projects. Have you ever wondered What it’s like being a wedding photographer? Mark Wood shares his personal challenges.

There are always some fascinating health themed posts submitted to Weekly Blog Club. This week Kim Barron has been writing for Ayrshire Health, reflecting on her research mastersKen Donaldson shares a moving personal experience on why it’s good to be Be kinder than necessary.

Chris Bolton and Helen Reynolds have given us a joint, audio blog this week! It’s their learning from the Online Influence “Oi!” conference, which took place in Cardiff.

Rough Cat has been thinking about words this week in Portmanteaux: Mixed Up Muddled Up Shook Up Words. Kate Bentham has shared with us some of the funny words her son uses, I think my favourite is B and Chew (B&Q).

What have the Somme, Glastonbury and #khub got in common? We’ll you’ll just have to read the post by Dan Slee won’t you!

I love reading about Samuel-James Wilson‘s adventures in heritage building construction and conservation. This week he’s been in Derbyshire on a Brick Decay Course.

I (Louise Brown) am looking for your ideas on how to open up my village’s local history project.

Every week we get a little glimpse into the life of Karl Green, this week it’s his Love of Retro Games Consoles. Which ones do you remenber? Which ones do you still have?!

Jane McIntyre has been thinking about age and whether it’s More than a number?

Thanks everyone for contributing more fabulous posts to Weekly Blog Club. We are always looking for volunteers to take over the tweeting and summarising for a week, if you’d like to find out more pop over to

Kate Bentham is already putting together the week 26 summary so you should have your next fill of blog posts very soon.

Enjoy the sunshine and see you all soon.

Louise x


I'm a data bod, helping organisations to manage their data and demonstrate their impact. I'm also a trainee maths teacher.Google

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