You say goodbye and I say hello

Hello everyone, it’s Louise here.

You haven’t made my week as host an easy one, there have been 18 wonderful posts to keep me busy and out of trouble.

So, where to start, with our newbies of course. Mark O’Donnell is an engagement officer and he needs to understand the latest tools so that he can help others to use them. Mark introduces his work in Pizza, tigers and a puffer fish. Another debut post from Karl Green. In Getting to know your Karl we learn some juicy facts, read more to find out! As some people join, others leave. In his farewell post (just to his current job, not blogging we hope!) Stuart Mackintosh looks back at the good, the bad and the beautiful in Farewell then, local government.

The Boston Marathon prompted two posts this week, looking at two sides of disaster comms. Kate Bentham shares some wise words, warning people to be careful what they click as you can’t unsee what you’ve seenCarolyne Mitchell looks at how people get and share news during a disaster in From eye witness account to prime time news.

Two of our bloggers wrote about how new experiences had unexpected outcomes. When Rough Cat forgot her headphones she expected to have a horrid commute but actually enjoyed an opportunity for eavesdropping and a look at life – Bus characters and conversationsAs our heritage craftsman Samuel-James Wilson saves up for his move to Australia he took on some new projects, which got him thinking in Playing catch up.

We’re always spoiled with arty posts by our creative contributors. Richard Overy shared a superb postcard of two (rather cold looking) swimmers in I’m twenty one to-day. Louise Atkinson has been looking at Relational Aesthetics in her studies this week Practice as research: week 28. Janet Davis has been at the opening of a new art space in Ouseburn, opened by some recent graduates from Northumbria University. Off Quay Arthouse launch.

We always have excellent posts from health professionals and this week is no different. Andrew Moore – on the Ayrshire Health blog – looks at solutions the NHS can offer for problems affecting our health and wellbeing. Moving Forward by Learning from the Past. Patient safety is foremost in the minds of health practitioners and David Hall shares with us some background to the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Mental Health, with its aim of significantly reducing harm in mental health settings. Patient safety in mental health – why we need to listen to our patients. In Reflections, values and the zeal for reformation, Craig White – for Ayrshire Health – asks whether we still have the same passion and values as we did when we entered our areas of work.

William Currie died during the Battles of Arras on 3 May 1917, shot by a sniper. The end of Carolyne Mitchell’s amazing family history journey has led to her visiting where he died and laying a flower at his memorial. My Great War journey.

What is it about meetings that creates such strong feelings? It’s probably because we all know what it’s like to go to endless, pointless meetings. Chris Bolton considers why we feel the way we do and what can be done about it. Meetings are the symptom of bad organisation. Yes, but no, but maybe?

Graham Budd has done two posts this week. His first is about helping colleagues to share stories about their work. Graham has been helping Ann to share her experience of training to be an Environmental Warden in Ann’s blog. A second post, reflecting on “the Paris Brown affair”, Graham shares some of his own experiences of working with young people. A fascinating insight into just one approach that works. It’s not the arrows, it’s the indians.

While the rest of the world is clamouring for limited edition Record Store Day releases, Joseph Conaghan blogs about why he’ll be anywhere but a record shop. In this great post he explains why vinyl is for life, not just for Record Store Day. Record store day, just another day for a vinyl junkie.

That’s it from me, thank you all so much for contributing, particularly our new bloggers.

As it’s my wedding anniversary at the weekend the [entirely optional] theme for Week 17 is anniversaries; of your own marriage, starting your job, moving to a new city, whatever you want.

If you’re interested in helping out with Weekly Blog Club then we’re always looking for volunteers. There’s more information on the website or just tweet us to find out more.

I’m handing back to Janet now but I will be back soon.

Louise x

  1. Farewell then, local government… by Stuart Mackintosh
  2. Reflections, values and the zeal for reformation by Craig White for Ayrshire Health
  3. Patient safety in mental health – why we need to listen to our patients by David Hall
  4. From eye witness account to prime time news by Carolyne Mitchell
  5. My Great War journey is at an end by Carolyne Mitchell
  6. Off Quay Arthouse launch by Janet Davis
  7. Practice as research: week 28 by Louise Atkinson
  8. Meetings are the symptom of bad organisation. Yes, but no, but maybe? by Chris Bolton
  9. Be careful what you click, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen by Kate Bentham
  10. Ann’s blog by Graham Budd
  11. It’s not the arrows, it’s the indians by Graham Budd
  12. Pizza, tigers and a puffer fish by Mark O’Donnell
  13. I’m twenty one to-day by Richard Overy
  14. Record store day, just another day for a vinyl junkie by Joseph Conaghan
  15. Getting to know your Karl by Karl Green
  16. Playing catch up by Samuel-James Wilson
  17. Bus Characters and Conversations by Rough Cat
  18. Moving Forward by Learning from the Past by Andrew Moore for Ayrshire Health

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