I love technology, art and learning!

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Summary of Week 7 posts

Epicurus and a simply PhD lesson by Derek Barron.

And we have another year by Sasha Taylor.

Dear May by Richard Overy.

The naked public servant by Phil Jewitt.

The future is now by Louise Brown.

Falls Prevention with @clareRCGP on Twitter by Claire OT.

Once Upon a Time . . .  by Norma Clark.

Busman’s Holiday. The Jefferson Memorial, Wastewater Treatment and Root Cause Analysis by Chris Bolton – @whatsthepont.

Choosing Quality Childcare by Shropshire Family Information Service.

Charlecote at 4am… by Phoebe Taylor and Charlecote Park.

Stepney City Farm ‘can change the world’ by Karen JK Hart.

Healthcare: We’re all doomed by @micmac650 by Ayrshire Health.

What’s in a Name? by Susan Munro.

Weekly blog club by Louise Atkinson.

Let’s start an evolution by Kenny McDonald – @MarCommsKenny.

Participatory websites – what does good practice look like? by Dyfrig Williams – @PartCymru.

This is the happy love songs playlist by Janet E Davis.

This is the much longer playlist of the ironic, poignant or plain sad love songs by Janet E Davis.

My ValenTyne by Janet E Davis.

What on earth are you doing here? by Ben Whitehouse.

A Done List by Kate Bentham.


Working for better engagement in Welsh public services

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2 comments on “I love technology, art and learning!
  1. If people like the audio version of Weekly Blog Club, let us know and we might try it again some time.

  2. […] Gallwch wrando ar Audioboo ohonof i’n crynhoi’r cyfraniadau isod (ar ôl cais gan Louise Brown fel bod hi’n gallu clywed fy acen Gymreig!) ac mae rhestr lawn o’r cyfraniadau’r wythnos ar gael yma. […]

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