New year, new bloggers, new ideas

I think the last time I (@LouiseBrown) was WeeklyBlogClub we had about 15 or 16 posts and I thought that was a lot. Now we’re into 2013 and there has been an explosion of new bloggers, which is absolutely fantastic!

We’ve had 21 posts in this week and I think over half of those were from names I didn’t recognise from last time. I think we had one brand new blogger this week, Marc Carter. Welcome Marc!

There have been such a wide range of topics covered this week, some of which I don’t feel in the least bit qualified to talk about so I really hope I’ve done them justice in my summary.

Being slap bang in the middle of January we’re still getting some posts with resolutions or ambitions for 2013. Lesley Thomson follows up last week’s post with part 2 of ‘Kicking it in 2013‘. Some interesting goals include not worrying about ‘life leak’ and also doing more stuff she’s scared of. Goal 10 is still to be decided and Lesley’s open to suggestions! I blogged on a similar theme this week, asking voluntary organisations to ‘Resolve to review your data in 2013‘. 2013 is going to be even tougher for organisations financially and being able to evidence the difference they make is going to be key. I think that all starts with being able to find out the number of people they worked with. For Susan Munro 2013 is about accepting she’s not a superhero. Her post ‘Out with the old, in with the new‘ talks about what that means to her. Karen Hart is wondering whether 2013 will be the year to leave Facebook in ‘Facebook: to be or not to be‘. Talking of doing new things, our regular host Janet Davies blogs this week about attending a singing workshop in ‘Wor Oratorio‘. Hopefully there’ll be more singing to come in 2013. Marc Carter starts his weekly posts talking about blogging, or rather why he finds blogging so difficult. I don’t think you should be worrying Marc, this post is great and I look forward to reading more about INSIGHT for Carers Service next week. ‘Why do I find it so hard to blog‘.

We’ve got a few nice social media posts this week. MarComms Kenny asks whether or not we need to be rethinking what and how we share online in ‘Don’t share this‘. In ‘Lurkers, interrupters and more Twitter rules‘, Derek Barron looks at some of the social media ‘rules’ we’ve made for ourselves and whether it’s time to rethink them. I don’t think I’ve ever sent a read receipt on an email or ever remember getting one but Chris Bolton certainly has and he’s written about what he feels about them in ‘Email Read Receipts. Does the misuse of minimum effort technology undermine trust between colleagues?‘. What do they really say about the person sending them? If, like me, you hate public speaking but just have to get on and do it for work then Jo Smith has written a post with some really useful tips. Read ‘Can you say a few words?‘ to instantly improve your presentations.

Louise Atkinson has been super busy this week sending us not one but two posts! ‘Practice as research‘ is Louise’s log of her practice-led PhD in the Artist Book as Ritual Object. Her second post ‘Mask making: From Animism to the Internet of Things‘ is a fascinating look at animism in art, using mask making as her starting point.

Lorna Prescott has written a really lovely post this week, ‘Bikes, bread and Birmingham‘ about some of the inspiring people and organisations she’s met whilst researching her contribution to the Community Lover’s Guide to Dudley.

Lindsay Narey thinks that staying in is the new going out in ‘Destination sofa‘. As one of her commenters said, they’ve never had a bad night staying in but more than one awful night out.

We have quite a few health themed posts this week. ‘The best for every patient every time‘ by Andrew Murray looks at how we can help people to live healthier lives for longer. Andrew should have a few insights, this is the man after all who last month ran 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents in 5 and a half days. Rough Cat wasn’t feeling too great over Christmas. ‘Medical Science & My Modern Day Witch-Doctoring‘ is her tale of self medication using the most natural of remedies. Dyfrig Williams from Participation Cymru covers some of what goes into ‘Developing a health and wellbeing site for the Welsh citizen‘.

When a little boy spends hours playing with toys in a sandpit you never know where he’s going to end up. For Phil Jewitt it lead to the Syrian Desert working as a surveyor. Absolutely fascinating post from Phil, ‘The wrong sort of sand‘.

Building apprentice Samuel-James Wilson found himself in my neck of the woods this week and it was a joy to read what he saw in Henley that I hadn’t seen with my own eyes. He also got the opportunity to attend an interactive and fascinating workshop about lime as a building material. ‘Assisting Dr. Gerard Lynch‘.

Only one blogger took up our optional theme of ‘weather’ and that was Kate Bentham. In ‘The reason for the season‘ Kate illustrates the seasons with a single photograph. We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful country of such contrasts.

Every week there are posts that just can’t be categorised. The most recent from Richard Overy, ‘Lady & her Daughter from my home town‘ is one such post. A very simple Victorian (?) photo taken in Richard’s home town.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a post this week, they really have been a wonderful read. As I’m sure we’ve all seen at least a flake of snow this week I thought the [optional] theme could be snow fall. Did you take your kids out to play in the snow? How did it feel to go sledging? Did you experience isolation being cut off from your normal routine? Has there been a sense of community spirit?

Your host next week is going to be Kate Bentham. If you’d like to help out by hosting Weekly Blog Club for a week then just drop us a tweet.

If you know of anyone interested in taking part then there’s information on the website.

I have been Louise, you have been wonderful, see you next time.


I'm a data bod, helping organisations to manage their data and demonstrate their impact. I'm also a trainee maths teacher.Google

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