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First off, sorry this summary wasn’t ready for you on Sunday morning as it usually is. I tried to catch up on the posting the promo posts on Saturday and Sunday and then just ran out of time – plus it was a lovely crisp autumn afternoon in Shropshire, so we headed out for a walk. A bit of ‘Balance’ as Derek Barron tweeted. So yes, it’s me Kate, not the lovely Janet. In a last minute change I’ve taken over as host of weekly blog club for week 44, I hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, let’s crack on with the blogs – you’ve all obviously been really busy, blogging, sharing, commenting this week, a bumper 17 blogs, and extra cake for those who have managed 2 blogs this week.

I enjoyed reading all the blogs submitted, I always find there is something to learn from each blog. However I’m not very good with numbers so I was slightly worried I wouldn’t understand Lessons from a mathematician by Derek Barron  but I was relieved to find out that the blog was more about celebrating learning and knowledge. Derek challenges us to remember the joyous feelings which come with discovering something new and how that can be an extremely positive experience. Also looking at learning was Andrew Jacobs in Learner Portfolio Andrew blogged about establishing longer term aspirations and reflective practice, as key to continuing professional development. Learning and development was also a theme in Time to Fly by Billy McClean Billy blogs about supporting clinical staff to become future leaders and the support and environment he would need to provide to help facilitate a change in working practice and culture.

There was a natural link to learning and education in the first of the BDO local gov blogs called WHAT I GO TO SCHOOL FOR  This blog touched on a really important issue around ensuring children are safeguarded and vulnerable families are supported as more and more schools gain academy status. These schools will have less contact with the local authority so how can we be sure that they are complying with policy and procedure, often introduced by the local authority?

The second BDO local gov post explored how local gov in other countries is changing, some quite radically, and what if anything, we can learn from that. This blog post highlights some of the proposed changes to local gov in Ireland in A DIFFERENT KIND OF BLUE Meanwhile back in England there are significant changes on the way for local gov as Phil Jewitt  blogs about in An apple a day In April local gov will have a responsibility for public health and well-being. Phil asks if we really understand this new terminology, let alone how we are going to get the public to take advice from institutions usually associated with bins?

It looks like CityCamp Coventry was a huge success with lots of ideas coming forward on how to improve the city for its visitors, residents, communities and businesses. In CityCamp Coventry: They think it’s all over — it’s only just begun Sasha Taylor shares his initial trepidation on day one and how once people began to participate in the process the relief he felt that lots of positives would come from the Camp. Sasha also shares with us the ideas pitched throughout the camp, which includes videos of the pitches and the winning ideas. There are lots of brilliant ideas in 14 ideas pitched at CityCamp Coventry 2012 it’s well worth a look to see if there is anything you can implement in your community.

In NHS Ayrshire & Arran – Who Cares! by Brian McCullock Brian looks at how in his role as a volunteer driver for the NHS, he is able to support patients with some of the anxiety they may be feeling before and after an appointment. Brain is also able to see how staff may also be suffering from some stresses of a busy shift. It sounds as though NHS Ayrshire and Arran are lucky to have such wonderful volunteers who care so much, and who fulfil an important role. Also caring this week is Carol Woolley who took part in a fund raising proms for the British Royal Legion. In Lest we forget Carol also shares some of the work the Legion does all your round.

Ross Wigham has been able to offer lots of support with his latest blog Ten thoughts on getting social for anyone wanting to explore the potential social media offers either individually or for an organisation. There are lots of useful tips and tricks to consider, well worth a look. Kate Bentham  in particular may benefit from reading Ross’s blog as she struggles with the loneliness being a frontline social media account manager. In Support for the Social Media Lone Ranger Kate asks what central support, development or training an organisation offers to frontline managers after the initial start up support. There’s already some good suggestions in the comments box on this blog, but share your ideas too.

The next two blogs look at the perception of professional reputation, in OFF SPIN: Why Malcolm Tucker must die by Dan Slee, Dan suggests that The Thick of It character Malcolm Tucker is doing no favours to the public perception of government comms professionals and for that reason the character must surely die. VindicatPR also suggest that by simply having marketing software packages doesn’t make you skilled in marketing, and that there are other key skills and knowledge needed to be able to plan, run and evaluate a campaign Marketing – a game for everyone to play is a useful reminder of this.

Thanks to Richard Overy for sharing the wonderful photo Two ladies, a gentleman & a motorcycle the photo not only gives us a glimpse into our past but also acts as a reminder that a blog can simply be an image with a few sentences around it.

It’s been half term this week and for many parents that has tested negotiation skills to the max. Sometimes though simple reasoning with young children doesn’t work, and we need a back up plan. Bribe by The Minimal List explores how offering a treat as a reward for compliance can be a tricky strategy, and one which becomes difficult to break, especially if those pesky kids catch on to the idea that good equals gain. The Minimal List also explores this from an adult’s perspective in Rewarded which looks at how sometimes we can convince ourselves that just because we have worked really hard, or because it’s a certain time of the year, that we derive to treat ourselves, and that there may be a cost associated to that treat. Naomi suggests that instead we should treat ourselves to simpler things in life, like a nice walk, or special time with the family, something which will give more satisfaction that an instant hit of retail therapy. Your reward however for reading this summary, is a slice of cake; I’d recommend the lemon drizzle.

So, that’s your lot. Plenty of great blogs this week to learn something from. Weekly Blog Club isn’t just about submitting posts, there are other ways in which you can be involved. Sharing and commenting on blogs is also a very important way to contribute, so if there are any blogs here you like why not let the author know, and then share with your networks. You can also be a guest host of Weekly Blog Club for a week, and can sign up here It’s also important to remember that a blog doesn’t have to be a written blog, you can submit an audio blog, or like this week, some photos with a few words about them. There’s lots of ways to be involved.


Kate Bentham

Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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  1. Brilliant stuff! We’ve only just started on our own blogging journey so it’s great to have a source of good practice and recent blogs like you have here. There’s lots to learn and your blog is a great place to start!

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