Power, plebs and play

Another great week of blogs, with 12 posts being submitted for week 40. It’s amazing that the club has been running for 40 weeks now. Personally, I know that Weekly Blog Club has encouraged and supported me with blogging and for that I thank you all. What does being part of Weekly Blog Club mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

As I settle down to write this I am struggling to see how this week’s blogs link together, there is some great diversity in the posts, and also what a suitable title for the summary might be. Having a block to something we enjoy doing is difficult to overcome, how do we get that creative feeling back? Janet Davis writes about her block to painting and some of the steps she is taking to feel inspired to paint again. Janet is a wonderful artist and we hope she gets there in, Trying to break painter’s block.

We’re awarding a big slice of chocolate cake to Carol Woolley for completing the Photomarathon Challenge with her final instalment Photochallenge #3. ..like a heron to water…. . Over the last few weeks Carol has blogged about all ten categories and submitted some wonderful photos for the Weekly Blog Club site. This week Carol focusses on the environment and shares some wonderful images of nature she has discovered on walks. Enjoy your cake Carol, and well done for taking on the challenge.

Anyone up for a challenge might also like to register for Blog Action Day, which is taking place on Monday 15th October. Janet Harkin explains Why I’m taking part in Blog Action Day 2012, alongside information about how anyone who is interested can register. The theme for Blog Action Day is ‘The Power of We’ so for anyone taking part there’s time to get thinking caps on for this theme.

This week Peter Olding asks Who is Tom Baker? and explores how some celebrities are known by first name alone, surname alone and for some celebrities in the media, we actually need a clue as to who they are. In Gangnam Style Plebs Irene Souroup also picks up on how people, and in particular our politicians, are portrayed in the media. Irene questions why the focus isn’t always on the politics they stand for and the decisions they make but on blunders and mistakes they might (or might not) have made. With celebrity, politics or position comes responsibility, and assumed power. Paul Coxon blogs about an Abuse of Power and how positions can be improperly used to control, something which should be challenged.

By contrast, Ben Whitehouse blogs about how residents in the village he lives were given some of the power and responsibility to determine how budgets were spent and to shape future developments for the community, Looking back (and forward) at the Lightmoor Summit also celebrates the positive impact people have had in the community.

Shropshire Family Information Service latest blog for parents is on the importance of play in the early years of a child’s life. Helping your child learn through play  shows how through simple play ideas, parents can support their child’s learning as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – and have lots of fun along the way. Corinne Watt also blogs about child development but the impact of trauma/maltreatment on a child, suggesting ways to encourage interventions in development delays. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics is a very interesting read.

Mark Braggins updates us on his work to identify local social media usage, plotting and sharing statistics for Facebook and Linkedin over a 4 months. If you’re fans of stats you’ll especially enjoy this insightful post. Local social media usage: 4 months on.

Carolyne Mitchell is Taking comms back to basics looking at how communications and customer insight knowledge can help to plan campaigns which result in positive behavioural changes. A win win for residents and local government.

Finally we have a wonderful post by Naomi on The Minimal List called Sixteen about how principles she held dear to her when she was younger, helped to shape the person she became. I try not to remember my rather awkward 16 year old self, but if I had the chance there’s lots I’d tell her. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Thank you to everyone who contributed a post this week, and also to those who have read, commented or shared posts. New members are always welcome, and anything and everything goes as a topic. If you want to find out more our About page tells you what you need to know about contributing, and if you want to be a guest host you can sign up here. There will be a health theme in a few weeks as Ayrshire Health will be posting several posts on different aspects of healthcare work for a week. It would be great if other Weekly Blog Club contributors could come up with posts on the theme of health (the theme is, as ever, entirely optional).

Have a great week, and happy blogging.


Kate Bentham

Summary of Week 40 posts

  1. Sixteen by The Minimal List
  2. Taking comms back to basics by Carolyne Mitchell
  3. Why I’m taking part in Blog Action Day 2012 by Janet Harkin
  4. Local social media usage: 4 months on by Mark Braggins
  5. Who is Tom Baker? by Peter Olding
  6. Trying to break painter’s block by Janet Davis
  7. Looking back (and forward) at the Lightmoor Summit by Ben Whitehouse
  8. Helping your child learn through play by Shropshire Family Information Service
  9. Abuse of Power by Paul Coxon
  10. Gangnam Style Plebs by Irena Souroup
  11. Photochallenge #3. ..like a heron to water…. by Carol Woolley
  12. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics by Corinne Watt



Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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