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Thank you so much to everyone that contributed posts to week 26 of #weeklyblogclub, we had 12 in all with many more of you re-tweeting and commenting throughout the week. It really is your support and enthusiasm that keeps it going so thank you again.

It’s never too late to join in, you can read about how to take part.

As you would expect there has been a really wide range of post this week from technology to book festivals via marketing and space.

We had a two helpful posts from Peter Olding and Louise Brown (me) about how to use some of the new(ish) social media tools out there, A quick overview of IFTTT (if this then this) and How to create link resources using Delicious Stacks should both give you some more tools for your social media tool box.

Andy Wilson (AKA Police Geek) has written his reflections on social media in action within the police force in his post Social Media – I don’t get it. Andy compares three different occasions where social media was used to varying degrees and questions why the police aren’t doing it more. In #CoSM12 – First of its kind social media for Cornwall Matt Bond writes about another side of police tweeting as he prepares to take part in the first public sector social media conference in Cornwall, the brainchild of tweeting policeman @SgtGaryWatts.

Carolyne Mitchell looks at public sector comms from the perspective of users in her post Shifty Shellshock. Carolyne questions the automatic desire to ‘channel shift’ communications online and takes a methodical look at whether it’s always the best option. From communications to marketing, Janet Harkin gives her Three essential marketing questions to ask.

Two of our posts this week are reflecting on events. In Our people, our places, Ross Wigham looks back at the successful Northumberland residents’ festival. The festival sought to both reward local people with free/ discounted entry into venues and also promote Northumberland as a place to visit. In Reflections on events, Mark Braggins looks back at some of the unconference govcamps he’s attended over the last year and picks out some of the key elements that make them work.

Our last four posts are so diverse I’m not even going to try to connect them.

In Attention Wonks: No views here, Irena Souroup tells us why she’s keeping schtum over Michael Gove’s GCSE/ O-level plans.

Kate Bentham has shared a beautiful poem with us this week, Missed. I don’t know exactly what it’s about but it’s incredibly moving, thank you Kate.

Lesley Thomson received a letter this week from the Edinburgh Book Festival, which she isn’t opening. After six years of attending, Lesley reflects on how the world has changed and how the festival hasn’t in Farewell my summer love.

The last post this week is from a our currently-having-a-week-off blogging inspirer Janet Davis. In Child of the Space Age, Janet writes about what it has meant for her to grow up in the shadow of moon landings, Doctor Who and David Bowie.

Week 27 posts are already starting to roll in but if you need some inspiration then the optional theme this week is ‘exploration’.

Until next week!


Louise Brown

Summary of week 26 posts

A quick overview of IFTTT by Peter Olding

How to create link resources using Delicious stacks by Louise Brown

Social Media – I don’t get it by Andy Wilson

#CoSM12 – First of its kind social media for Cornwall by Matt Bond

Shifty Shellshock by Carolyne Mitchell

Three essential marketing questions to ask by Janet Harkin

Our people, our places by Ross Wigham

Reflections on events by Mark Braggins

Attention Wonks: No views here by Irena Souroup

Missed by Kate Bentham

Farewell my summer love by Lesley Thomson

Child of the Space Age by Janet Davis


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