Sifting, swimming, sociable and Subbuteo

The themes had a very sibilant sound in the 14 posts for Week 15 of Weekly Blog Club. Social media, sociable enterprise, social history, and what could be described as social projects were strong themes this week. Much of the social nature actually related to work contexts. We happen to be building up quite a collection of advice and case studies of using digital media, and especially of the social aspects.

I will start with the sports section this week. Hannah Chia tackled the subject of the very eventful Oxford Cambridge Boat Race in The Boat Race: Two Boats & One Idiot by Hannah Chia. Peter McClymont shared memories of his childhood sport obsession –  Subbuteo – in his post Only a game: “Flick to kick”.

My post – Memories of children’s television cartoons – prompted others to share their memories of television cartoons from when they were children. It is interesting to see how some remain the same for people up to about a decade apart in age.

Dan Slee uncovered a bit of the past that reminded him of how people had communicated differently in the days when the local newspaper was the key public communication medium at local area level: ‘this, children, is how people did protests before facebook.’

Irena Souroup used the medium of online to communicate her disgust at the news that a think tank had been counting the cost of bank holidays, and had concluded that each one costs the country £2.3 billion: The Centre for Economics and Business Bollocks.

Elaine Walton wrote a guest post on Janet Harkin’s blog this week about counting on a good number of her social media followers responding to her questionnaire: When your Social Media reach counts for something. Her points on using a social network in such a way should prove useful to many. Louise Brown shared her wonderfully organised approach to managing online information – Sifting the online wheat from the chaff – which was equally useful, and prompted us to think about whether we could be more efficient.

It was good to see a contribution in Week 15 from Al Smith since Weekly Blog Club was suggested and initiated partly to encourage him to write regularly. Al contributed a very interesting post – Tackling behaviour change – about Cannock Chase District Council’s approach to serious social problems and how they have been using social media in the campaign.

Kate Bentham’s post focused specifically on how she had developed communication between the council and families through Facebook: One Big Facebook Family. Some of the other Weekly Blog Members were particularly taken with her giving Curly Wurlies [other brands of chocolate bars are available] as incentives.

First-time contributor Ross Wigham introduced people to his patch – the glorious hidden jewel of a county, Northumberland – and shared how the county has been adopting online methods of communication: Using social media in the public sector.

An article about a woman’s research into which streets in Rome were named after women inspired me to write a post to suggest community projects about maps, linking past and present people with places: Gendered UK street maps? This attracted more comments than any of my other posts so far.

Travelling has been the original spark for a conversation on Twitter that two of the regular Weekly Blog Club bloggers followed up. It had involved #IslandGovCamp – and cake =  and had caused the invention of the term ‘sociable enterprise’ (I think it was Mark Braggins who first suggested the term? And note: not the same as ‘social enterprise’). Phil Jewitt put forward his definition, and proposed extending the unconference spirit, in ‘Be’ in Social (and also may have mentioned cake). Mark explained a bit more about the Orkney connection, mentioned family history in passing, provided his definition of ‘sociable enterprise’ in A ‘Sociable’ Enterprise? (cake might have been mentioned again).

Finally, if you are based in Scotland, please read and respond to Lesley Thomson’s post: Anyone for teacamp? It sounds like a great idea.

If you want to join in the Weekly Blog Club, new contributors are welcome and should read our simple, basic rules on the About page (‘rules’ might be an exaggeration). If you do not already have a blog, we can help guide you a bit into setting one up. We aim to be friendly and supportive. Readers are also an important part of the club, and your positive comments and clicks on any ‘Like’ buttons available on posts are much appreciated.

The (entirely optional) theme for Week 16 could be:

  1. how you deal with deadlines (we already have three posts in for Week 16);
  2. how we connect with our immediate environment;
  3. extending the unconference spirit.

Having suggested those three, I expect most will write about something entirely different – and at least three of them will coincidentally be on the same theme.


Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 15 posts

Sifting the online wheat from the chaff by Louise Brown.

The Boat Race: Two Boats & One Idiot by Hannah Chia.

Using social media in the public sector by Ross Wigham.

The Centre for Economics and Business Bollocks by Irena Souroup.

Memories of children’s television cartoons by Janet E Davis.

‘Be’ in Social by Phil Jewitt.

‘this, children, is how people did protests before facebook’ by  Dan Slee.

Gendered UK street maps? by  Janet E Davis.

One Big Facebook Family by  Kate Bentham.

Anyone for teacamp? by Lesley Thomson.

When your Social Media reach counts for something guest blog by Elaine Walton on Janet Harkin‘s blog.

A ‘Sociable’ Enterprise? by Mark Braggins.

Tackling behaviour change by Al Smith.

Only a game: “Flick to kick” by Peter McClymont.


Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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